No Live Birthdays

I do have one in my calendar for “Ethel Irving (Corcoran) (Brown)” for the year 1910, with the notation “great aunt.” All my grandfather’s siblings are dead as of the past year or two, which would mean her too.

I had a weird overnight.  I fell asleep in the kid’s room, getting them settled, woke up after most of a normal night of sleep, wide awake, but trying to reflux more than just acid needing the bathroom.  I sat up for quite a while, corresponding and doing stuff in LinkedIn and making sure the host login worked at Bizosphere and checking/cleaning out Gmail accounts.  Eventually I decided to go back to sleeping where I was, rather than disturb anyone, but that didn’t work.  More time at the desk, another bathroom run, and finally I felt like I hadn’t slept in days.  Sacked out in the office and before I knew it it was 10:22.

I suspect the fake peanut butter spread.  Either that or I picked something up by leaving the house.  I picked up a computer from an attorney at the old client, and dropped off baby clothes for charity to another.  Had almost no contact with anyone, it was so streamlined.  Stopped at the post office (well, a different post office, as I had already stopped in Middleboro to mail packages) and then saved several dollars by going to Market Basket, which in this scenario was only a couple miles extra driving.  Apparently $2.99 is their regular price for milk, which is a buck per gallon saved right there.

Anyway, I have a computer sitting here to diagnose and either fix or retrieve files from.  Some of that is going to mean firing it up on the kitchen table and just letting it run while waiting for it to do what it reportedly does.

This is a clear day, until late, when all heck breaks loose, and not as frigid, so it’s a good day for cleaning stuff out of the cars to prepare them for sale.  Part of that will involve trying to claim a couple square feet of space in the cellar to put a trash barrel with some tools and such in it.

Guess those are the main things.  Besides anything that’s been pending on these lists or the slightly longer mental list that feels so ethereal.

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