No Birthdays Today

Well, not in my calendar.  Surely there are some, somewhere, for someone.

Today I am going to attempt to take Henry to my grandmother’s with me.  Valerie had a recent turn.  Sadie refuses to learn to use the big toilet, even though she’s getting too big for the potty, and we’re requiring her to do that before she goes visiting where that’ll be the only option.  He can eat regular food, for limited values of same, so it’s his turn.  This is the obligatory one for birthday cake for me and my mother, since ours were on Thursday.  I need to get moving soon, as it’s starting to be late.

Ah, I hear kids.

Speaking of which, Sadie thought not being able to drive our new car until we “pay tax on it” (registration) was about the craziest thing she’d ever heard.

Posted by on 04/06 at 12:56 PM
  1. You are SO raising Sadie right, if she has that thought at such a tender age…


    Posted by Jay Tea  on  04/06  at  09:00 PM  from  Cow Hampshire
  2. Here’s a birthday for your April 6 list:


    Posted by Josh  on  04/07  at  11:25 AM  from  Georgia
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