No Birthdays

The next one I have on record is for our friend Weekend Pundit Deb, during the upcoming week.

Why is Sadie bringing me random coasters as if they are offerings?  I don’t think I need to be appeased.

Anyway, it’s been a fun morning so far.

Expression Engine rocks in many ways, and of course backtracked to having a free version.  In some ways, WordPress has just caught up with things it can do.

It lacks anything like Akismet, for comment spam.  It attracts little comment spam, and the spam must be entered manually.  Usually it’s not there more than a few minutes before we delete it, and there are perhaps a few per week.  Which makes it about the same as what gets past Akismet on the WordPress blogs.

Early this morning we got slammed with 24 spam comments from China, some coming in even as I was deleting the others.  I ended up deleting them by IP address, to be efficient.  Then I blocked the IP address.  Then another IP address submitted a few more.  Blocking the second IP address brought it to a halt.  Still, it was disturbing.  Not sure what set them off.

Last night I got some of the WordPress sites upgraded to the latest edition, after finding there was a security hole along the way that could allow them to insert links into a WordPress blogroll.  Still have to do Bizosphere after I post this.

CotC is the gorilla on the agenda today.  I need to go through the entries.  Ideally I need to go find some host picks in the spirit of the new format.  I wanted to write the post about blog carnivals being dead before now, but it remains a couple paragraphs, days old, in my offline editor.

Anywho, to work I go for a while, then lunch of fried mashed potato, with scrambled eggs for me and the girls, leftover scrambled hamburger in sour cream gravy for Deb.  Maybe some leftover butternut for Henry.  Then back to work, mainly on CotC-related stuff, perhaps a post or two of kid pics thrown in here this afternoon.

Posted by on 01/13 at 02:12 PM
  1. Try adding spam Karma 2 to wordpress.  It works wonders.

    Posted by Wayne  on  01/14  at  12:39 AM  from  Ohio
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