New Benchmark

This morning I appear to be down to 251, after a previous low of 253 and a week or so steady at 255.  That puts me down 57 total, 47 this year, and puts me back, as far as I know, at least ten years in weight.

Go me!

It must have been the supper of kielbasa, eggs and hash browns last night that did it.  Or perhaps the lunch of leftover black bean, corn and beef chili (which came out so good I must make it that way more often).

My favorite T-shirts were a design called Alchemy for Dummies, essentially a wizard working at a computer.  The ones I had were getting old and ratty.  When we still lived in Stoughton, we sought to buy more by mail from OffWorld Designs, only to find they were being discontinued.  We bought some, forget how many, in a size that was available and I might hope to shrink into.  I was in the habit of wearing XXXL, so I guess we got some XXL shirts.  We tucked them away.

Deb recently said if I shrunk into them she’d even hang them dry, as I used to do with T-shirts to make them last absurdly long.

I must fit them, or will soon, even if they run small.  There are shirts I’m wearing now that have never been so loose.  Guess we’ll find out, but I want to wait until I’m good and ready.  Not like I have a shortage of shirts, and some of them are even still good.  Ooh, this means some of the dress shirts will fit better too.  Cool!

Speaking of clothes fitting, that’s the other thing.  I can get into size 38 pants.  I’ve gone from fitting a 42, if loose, through 40 to the point it’s hard to keep them up, and into 38 fitting, if a bit tight depending on the pair.  Good thing IO still have some, even if I ruined a bunch of the best fitting ones painting my apartment in Quincy.

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  1. Jay, that’s great! Congratulations.

    Posted by sarahk  on  06/23  at  06:08 PM  from  Boise
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