Neatly Tangled

It’s back, and fixed except lost blogroll links that were in a widget.  Those I seem to have recovered, messily, from the SQL file backup of the database.  Actually, neat trick; I copied and pasted from the file into an e-mail to Deb and where it converted the URLs to links in among the garbage, they will be easy to pick out.

Deb’s e-mail at that domain works now, too.

Now I need to work on CotC!  And snow shoveling, for which I don’t think I have more than another hour of delay.  They plowed in the other side of the street, and when ours is plowed in it will be time to at least clear the steps and a walk and the end, even if it’s not that deep.  It appears to be deadly wet.  We’re in the 4 - 8 zone and it’s supposed to be largely done in about an hour.

Also need to upgrade Dan’s WordPress, but that can wait until later.

Also need to do post-upgrade backups of everything, but that can wait until later.

Dammit, I have to do something more directly monetary this week.  Sheesh.

Posted by on 01/14 at 04:03 PM

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