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I seem to have developed this seasonal skin problem, mainly on my hands, which flared up like flipping a switch as soon as fall arrived.  I have no idea what it is, and I seem to recall it getting a shrug and label of eczema when one or more doctors saw it at not its worst.

Right now it’s bad on my left hand; almost as bad as I’ve seen it.  Strike that; it’s improved.  It was bad, which is why I took pictures when I did.  I see the doctor Monday anyway, so it was guaranteed to be better, perhaps to have cleared completely, by then.

The interesting thing is that this time around it seems to be clearly accompanied by an arthritic-like stiffness and almost numbness when bending the hand, as to make a fist.

Below the fold are some pretty clear pictures I managed to get.  This one above the fold is a rather fuzzy attempt to show the inner side of my pinky tip.  The others are clearer and more gruesome, if you don’t want to see that sort of thing.  As usual, click for larger versions.

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  1. Hmm . . . that looks kind of similar to a skin problem I used to get, which still crops up occasionally.  The skin on my hands would start dying and peeling off, in rings just like that.  The skin underneath was tender, but not particularly painful--it didn’t look nearly as bad as your photos.  I found I could see it the most if my hands had been soaking in warm water (doing the dishes or showering).

    I went to the doctor about it, and she didn’t know what it was.  She just told me to put Cortizone cream on it.  It cleared up, but I don’t know if it was the cream.

    Afterwards, though, the skin on my hands was all new and wrinkled.  It was like I’d been molting.

    Posted by Emma  on  10/14  at  09:30 PM  from  Virginia
  2. Jay, I’ve dealt with similar skin stuff all my life, too.

    It sounds (from posts above) like you’ve probably diagnoses yourself pretty acurately with contact dermatitis from your steering wheel.

    I hope you can get a leather cover for it soon.

    In the meantime, here are a few things that work for me with my skin, that might help you clear up faster:
    - stay hydrated (everything gets worse for me when I’m not drinking enough clean water)
    - make sure I’m getting enough essential fatty acids in my diet; this makes a huge difference for my skin, and taking a fish oil or flax oil supplement tops me up when I’m low
    - eating fried foods or really spicy, hot foods can irritate my skin; so can eating tomatoes, pineapple, or other really acidic foods when my skin is at its worst
    - my skin always healed like it was recovering from a bad burn, so I tried using a burn recovery ointment from the health food store (very oily and soothing), and it helped
    - in a pinch, when I’m stuck with just a regular drug store, I’ve put ozonal on it (do they still make Ozonal any more?) and it works pretty well.

    I know the skin stuff can be REALLY distracting and no fun.  I hope you can get yours taken care of quickly.

    (And for the CoTC—don’t sweat it.  We can all wait a day.  Real life comes first before blogligations, after all.)

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  3. I found your hand on google web images!!  I am having an awful breakout of contact dermatisis on my left hand and was trying to find something that was close. Mine is actually worse then yours and on front of knuckles on pinky and finger adjacent swollen red etc etc.  I think it started when using dishwashing liquid without gloves then got worse and I am convinced there is so much chlorine in the water in the state I live in that this is playing a role on the lack of recovery.  Its funny when I am in England I never seem to get these breakouts.  Anyway I thought I would find out what you were told by your Dr. and did you get any cream.

    Posted by  on  06/18  at  02:05 AM  from  USA
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