Much to Say

But if I start typing, I risk the kids coming unglued.  In a way it’s gone fine, Deb being at work while I’m with the kids.  At least, if doing anything useful - at least in chunks longer than 3 minutes - is not desired.  Also, working on the house seems to go over better than working on work, even if that runs the risk of “help” or at least being a human moth magnet.

Henry fell asleep repeatedly over lunch, then refused to nap and revived completely by the time I had him cleaned up.  I cleverly put lunch on the table for the girls, so they’d be at the opposite end of the house while I put him to sleep, so instead they followed us into the bedroom.  Which didn’t matter, because he was openly amused with my antics, thought I was a funny guy, thinking he’d nap.

In a way this isn’t much different from normal, in that there are stretches of peace, but I never know when I will be interrupted or how long I have at once to write, think, code, design, plan, whatever.

I managed to keep them from letting him get any milk, and so far any juice, so that’s a plus.

The idea is for me to do this and that and piece together a living here, while Deb spends a lot of scheduled shifts out of the house, which also constitutes a mental health break.  Any running around or seeing clients in person would work around her schedule or get covered by brief, as-needed babysitting.

However, we also talked about the idea of having someone like my mother come here for extended times even while I am not scheduled to leave, so allow me to get things done, while not having the kids alone for long periods without backup.  That’s looking better and better.

Okay, gotta check on them…

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