More Nothing to Say

Wow.  I have nothing to say, and there are no birthdays.  That I know of.  If you are a blogger I might have heard of, or know one, who has a birthday today, by all means I will happily add it to my calendar.

Deb is off to the pre-op appointment at the hospital.  The kids keep trying to push me out of this chair, which when they managed it allowed Sadie to spin Valerie around, while Valerie giggled maniacally.  Sadie wants candy for breakfast; preferably a lollipop.

Deb will stop afterward at my brother’s house, and he’ll come back with her by way of getting back the van we borrowed.  We got it half full.  Apparently it gets mileage much like our van, since we used a good quarter tank while hardly driving it.  Heck, we drove from East Bridgewater, down back roads to 24 and then to Michael’s in Taunton so Deb could get supplies needed for this custom order from her shop and other stuff, from there home, and then I used the van to drive to the bank in Easton, BJ’s in Taunton, and home.  That’s a quarter tank or so, and it would have been at least as much in our van.  In keeping with my custom when I borrow a car, I filled it last night in preparation for returning it.  With the 10% change left from what I advanced for the gas, I bought four, unusually numerous for me, Mega Millions tickets.  The clerk thought I was so pleasant I just had to win, at least something.  Yeah, it’d be a good time for it.

My brother will look at the car while he is here, perhaps even work on it.  He has a theory that the head gasket has been slightly blown all along, leaking compression gases back into the coolant, raising pressure in the radiator, causing it to blow as designed, making it “overheat” without the temp gauge showing it.  When we did notice a smell, it was sweet antifreeze smell, rather than foul, which would fit.  As I put it, the blown head gasket caused the overheating that caused the head gasket to blow (the rest of the way).

This is an awful lot of “nothing,” eh?

I also want to note this and this, which is also my way of saving the links for potential inclusion on the tech blog, for which I already have a backlog.  This sort of modular concept, while prettier and not precisely my vision, comes right out of what has been in my brain for many years.  I always pictured sort of a laptop sized computer made of modular “black box” units snapped together like so many inerlocking name brand plastic building blocks.  To fix it would mean snapping in a replacement.  To expand or modify it would mean snapping in a different module.

It’s kind of like the stupid Sprint commercial, which looks like it’s going to be a Microsoft commercial when it starts, about imagining a screen you’d carry with you that could do this, that and the other thing when you were a kid.  Yes.  yes I did.  And no, Sprint is not making what I imagined.  Mine would be more like an oversized Etch-a-Sketch, and they more or less have them now (brain fart; I can’t think of the name of the type of notepad/laptop device in question offhand, how sad is that).  Except I envisioned those longer ago than I envisioned the modular thing.

Oh well.  I still wish I had the sketches I drew in 8th grade (which was 1974/1975) of what was recognizably a multimedia computer workstation.  It didn’t look exactly like what we have now, but it was on as close to the right track as would have been possible for a kid at the time.

Time to go.  I need to see what the brats are up to and so forth.

I should try writing about nothing all the time.  It seems to be productive.

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