Mmmm… Food

In case you haven’t been there, I did a couple posts at The Married Guy Cook earlier.  One is a repost from October 2004.  There are even pictures!  Like this one:

Not only that, I still have time for another post before Hell’s Kitchen, on today’s experiment with chicken enchilada taco thingies of my own invention.

Posted by on 07/30 at 11:05 PM
  1. Hi,
    Its nice pa.By seeing the photo itself,I want to eat.It makes me hungry pa.Actually i am a non really it disturbs me ya.What is that yellow color dish? I visited that married guy cook link which you had mentioned in your post.Its really enjoyable ya.I shared this with my friends and colleagues also.Any way you pulled out my hungry.So i am going to take my lunch now.Let me see afterwards!

    Posted by Interior Designer  on  10/18  at  06:21 AM  from  CH
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