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I’m having a tough to be motivated today, if you don’t count being motivated to eat the jelly beans that are supposed to be for the kids.

Still working on cleaning the office.  Need to start working on changing the chicken carcass into broth and meat and probably carrots and macaroni or something like that.  Maybe not soup so much as a mixed group of food cooked in broth and seasoned together.  If I do that for supper, then the small ham my mother brought us can be cooked another day.

I tried the salmon patties, which weren’t bad.  Sadie ate a couple pieces but probably lacked room with the peeps.  Valerie wasn’t interested, but ate two or three off my fork.  Apparently having been dipped in tarter sauce and served from my fork rendered them okay.  I don’t normally think of tarter sauce as a salmon thing, but it was good.  It would probably have been good on bread, and the texture was like eating a burger.

I had the craziest sequence of dreams last night.  In it, I kept seeing my brother driving, or parked and getting out of, our green van, which had one fender almost covered in duct tape.  The scenario was that he had persuaded us to give it up, then he had turned around and gotten it from the place we sent it to, fixed it up enough for it to be usable, and enjoyed the cheap transportation.  Not sure what exactly I was angsting about or projecting there, but it’s not something he’d have done.  I also kept not being able to catch and confront him about it, and wasn’t clear it was him at first sighting.

The car he urged me to get rid of was the Sentra, for years, reaching a crescendo around the time the ill-fated van came available.  Thus he can’t say he told us not to buy the van, but he’s didn’t tall us we should, either.  He gave a clear idea of the risk and condition and from there it was all my doing.  For some reason he thinks he has to make sure the world knows it’s not his fault I bought it.  However, the purchase, of that vehicle at that time, was a direct result of his harping on the Sentra.

But he had nothing to do with our deciding to get rid of the van.  Very strange.

It may have been inspired by the rumor that a relative is thinking about giving us a car that is about to be retired and replaced, as something we could muddle along with briefly and apparently carry everyone in.  Since it’s someone who has no special reason whatsoever to think of doing that, and an utter surprise, I was astonished.

Anyway, back to getting things done.

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