Love, Love Them… Don’t

So this week it was Beatles, rather than merely Lennon/McCartney, and it was one week too many for the American Idol contestants to handle.

In a fit of naked manipulation, TPTB placed Amanda in the death slot, where she entertained us thoroughly with the excellent choice of Back in the USSR.  A bright spot, probably enough to keep her in and get her on the tour.

In a fit of naked manipulation, TPTB placed dead girl walking Kristy Lee Cook second, between Amanda and God, where if Amanda entertained her way out of the trap, Kristy would be doomed without the performance of her life.  The only save for her might be how bad the night was overall.  You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away wasn’t a great choice, and then it might not be best to admit the song was new to you.  Not sure if TPTB actually care whether they get the country cutie or the rocker on the tour, so in a way the positioning, which is of course purely random, is aimed at both.

God, honorary member of the Rat Pack, sang The Long and Winding Road competently, but not entertainingly enough to be an “idol” or to rate the verbal equivalents of sexual favors from the judges.

Speaking of which, Kristy was memorable for her attire, the camera work that ran counter to the idea of TPTB wanting her executed, and her offer to blow Simon out of his socks if she gets to stay.  Will people have voted for the image of a Kristy favoring them?  Guess we’ll find out tonight.  And Kristy dear, the expression is “blow your socks off.” I know that expression is even older than the Beatles, but people still use it as conceived back when.

Later in the writing of this post, I went and looked at Dial Idol, which to the extent it has accuracy, predicts Kristy and Amanda as the bottom two.  Not sure what Chikezie is doing down there with them, but I’ll get to him later.

Michael Johns is still there.  Still has potential.  Once upon a time, he blew us away by reincarnating Jim Morrison and doing near justice to Freddie Mercury.  That early fan base, charisma, and fitting the Johnny Bravo suit won’t win it for you dude.  However, the chances of being gone this week?  Not.  He’ll be good on the tour, so that works.  I’d love to see him just astonish us one week, before the weeks run out for him.

Poor Brooke White.  Did seeing her family make her nervous?  Too much pressure to match last week, but no piano to hide behind?  It wasn’t horrible or anything, and Here Comes the Sun might not even have been the worst choice, but you could hear and especially see here nerves.  In fact, I give her huge respect for how well she did despite them, and how well she muted their obviousness.  She’ll have to do a lot worse and for more than a week or two before she goes anywhere.  And please, watch the talking back with the judges, even if it’s polite and explanatory.  In fact, there was so much of that this week, it’s almost as if the contestants were told they could do it to help fill the extra time.  Obviously it’s awkward to program the same length of time with fewer people each week, with discontinuous jumps up and down in length depending on where they are in the season and numbers.

David Cook made the excellent choice of Day Tripper and was highly entertaining yet again.  Silly judges, but TPTB probably don’t want him winning.  We didn’t like him at first, but have become fans.  He’s just that good, and not in a boring kid with an angelic voice and overbearing father sort of way.

Carly Hennesy Smithson continues to blow our minds, this week doing a reasonable job on Blackbird.  How exciting that she’s “from Europe” (a new country in the special Pickler Edition of Risk) and thus has so much in common with the boys from Liverpool.  That’s a country in the new Beatles Memorial Edition of Risk, a bit south of Norwegian Wood.  But seriously, it was pretty good and she’s safe for a while.

We’re over Jason Castro.  He’s gone too many weeks no longer singing or performing well, even if he can still be charming.  He didn’t already know Michelle?  Sheesh.  Sad thing is, it could have been far better from him.  It’s like he’s coasting intentionally and amused by it.  We compared him to Chris Sligh last night, just managing to get on the tour and happy with that.  If he can’t have a musical career, he can always become the next Dread Pirate Roberts.  He ought to have a lock on that.  Ba-dump-bump.

Syesha Mercado sang Yesterday because, face it, somebody had to, making it the most covered song in history plus one.  Is that like infinity plus one?  I thought she was pretty competent.  Deb wasn’t as impressed.  Perhaps I was being subjected to invisible boobie rays, to which I am more immune than some.  She looked nice, but ruined her cool hair.  A demographic ploy?  Be who you are, dawg, and joke ‘em.  Dial Idol says the boobtronic rays were effective shielding and she will still be on the bridge in next week’s exciting episode.  Much more effective than Kristy’s legtronic rays.  And yet Carly was the one wearing a red shirt.  That’s not right.  And at least it could have been an attractive red shirt.  But I digress.

Chikezie Eze may not have matched last week, and could have safely sung the whole thing straight and pretty as it began, but his performance of a song I’d never heard of totally rocked.  I’ve Just Seen a Face?  Do I sound as bad to a true Beatles fanatic as Achoo and some of the others do to mere ordinary music listening humans between 1 and at least retirement age?  Talk about turnarounds.  We will buy an album when he produces one.  After the first week of top 24, I wanted him gone and expected him not to last.  I’d say he’s hands down safe, being one of the bright spots of the night, but Dial Idol isn’t so sure.  In fact, the bottom four are the first and last two to perform, meaning either the pimp spot and its environs are no longer safe, or people dislike the last two performers that much.

Finally, Ramiele Malubay should have known better.  Actually, she was okay, but she’s still trying (well, or not trying, really) to live up to her momentous Dusty Springfield performance.  She’s about through whatever fandom she earned from that.  She’ll probably be safe tonight, but unless she astonishes us in a way I’m not sure she’s able, she may not make the top 8.  And how do you feel about the pronoun changes?  I think the only one who hasn’t changed pronouns in one performance was Amanda.  I forget which song or week, but it really struck me.  Or this could be shock elimination night and showing 4th from the bottom on Dial Idol could spell the end for her.  Guess we’ll know soon enough.

I still think Kristy will be leaving us, and that Dial Idol will be unusually accurate for this point in the competition.  However, the only one of the bottom seven I would be sad to see go at this point is Chikezie.  Of the top four I might only be really sad to see David Cook or Brooke White go.  Which I guess says I’m rooting for those three at this point, with nods to a few of the others.

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(Deb: Also, tWatPoaAIJ and Radley Balko.)

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