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It’s been kind of a busy day.  The Jedi Mom is well on her way back to California, having left the ground late this afternoon.  I got her to Logan Airport not that long after 2:00, with a goal of being there by 2:40.  On the way, the truck’s “service engine soon” light helpfully reignited, meaning presumably that the shop will indeed need to replace the third oxygen sensor.  Or something… ka-ching!  If it’s just the sensor, that’s presumably $200.  If I were sure the sensor was all, I’d consider driving despite the light, but I can’t afford to learn it’s something worse, even though it’s obviously insignificant enough to show no symptoms and to allow me to drive at least halfway to Logan, then back with a detour.  And once again this happened promptly after filling the tank.  What; I can’t fill it with gas anymore?  I should stick to putting $10 at a time and staying no higher than three-quarters?  Doh.

The detour on the way home was to stop by the old office, where I had a compulsion to stop, above and beyond wanting to grab the mail and a few other things.  Turned out the compulsion was because one of the employees of the former big client had left me a big bag of mostly cold weather clothes for Sadie and, in some cases or when Sadie outgrows them, Valerie.  Awesome stuff!  Right on the heels of a giant box of also awesome clothes mailed for Henry from friends in Texas.  That sort of compulsion leads Deb to note how freaky or weird I am, and who am I to visit Egypt for a swim?

The Jedi Parents got us a multifunction printer/scanner/copier/fax, which needs a surface.  I brought home a rolling printer (or microwave or whatever) stand from the office.  It held my old color printer, and I took them both to the office years ago.  More recently, I kept small inventory on it; keyboards, mice, speakers, and power supplies, mostly.  I also had a huge box of pictures at the office, a combination of storing it without taking up space in the apartment, and wanting to scan a bunch of them, with the office being the home of the since broken scanner.  They have to come home this month anyway, and home is where the scanner is.  Once I set it up.  Which I expect will happen tomorrow.  Along with putting up curtains Deb got for my office, so I can see the computer in the morning.

I also grabbed some software, packed some rubbish to the dumpster, and wielded the vacuum on the open areas, in a preliminary, overdue sort of way.  I was torn about doing more, but it was 5:00 by then.

While I was there, I handed out business cards to a few people and did some catching up.

Once home, I really missed Deb’s mother.  Supper was late and hectic.  We decided to have leftovers for us and the kids were eager for hot dogs.  I’d served them hot dogs, cheese, tomatoes, ketchup, and relish before I even started ours.  I dropped the leftovers on the floor in front of the microwave.  At Jedi Mom’s request, Monday night we had a repeat of chicken burrito fixings, only this time with homemade refried beans that were exceptional.  If you like garlic, anyway.  A cup of dry beans got 5 cloves of garlic, most of a pepper worth of mainly yellow and some green pepper, and perhaps a small onion worth of sweet onion.  Plus some spices from the jars, but not a lot.  I did up some more modestly flavored chicken.  There was just enough for two of us to eke out very beany and cheesy burritos.  The stubborn door catch on the microwave tossed the container out of my hand.  Argh.

We ended up with ground beef burritos using canned beans.  It was unusually good, so that worked out.

Meanwhile, without Deb’s mother hanging out with them, Valerie went back to her old routine of tipping her plate over and strewing the contents around to announce she’s done.  The two of them went in the bath, though, and were happy and quiet, except for some singing, for an extended time.  Too quiet.

Every one of the three bath mats are sitting in the bottom of the tub right now, waiting to be wrung out, hung, and then washed tomorrow.  A towel had to be deployed for all the water they got on the floor (which flooding is usually the result of much louder behavior than tonight’s).  Because I was turning raw hamburger into 24 patties to freeze, they didn’t get a proper dose of my ire over that, which they should know by now is absolutely unacceptable.  Which is probably why Valerie got such a grim reaction to her turning off the overhead light and fan in the living room for the third time in a row.  Made worse because Sadie had just refused to allow a diaper to be put on her - well, attempted to refuse, requiring a team effort - as she sometimes does when she gets the notion at entirely the wrong time that perhaps she ought to be wearing something other than diapers now.  Or whatever comes over her.

I finally finished getting the meat into the overstuffed freezer after they were in bed, which required me for a crib lift.  Deb can’t pick Valerie up without hurting herself.  It’s definitely worse this time than the other two times.

Which brings us to now, and finally a post other than one of the morning birthdays.  I keep waiting for the dishes to clean themselves automatically, but Jedi Mom is gone.  Heh.  Seriously, I started prepping them to get some in the dishwasher and others handwashed.  After I wandered in here, the baby left her alone for a few minutes and Deb continued the effort.  I’ll click “submit” and probably go do some more, or the pans will be washed in the morning because we’re both ready to collapse.

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  1. Yikes!
    So I shouldn’t consider a third kiddo, right?!

    Posted by Amanda  on  09/06  at  05:55 PM  from  Miami
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