Lightening Up

Apart from any other consideration, like needing money that badly, we’re looking at lightening up on “stuff” by selling some of it off.  That way if we do change states (if not spins or flavors), we’ll have less to move, or to shed at the last minute.  Whether we move will depend in part on whether RomneyCare or something like it goes national, and on the economics of it all.  Obviously we have to bootstrap back up to where we could even think about moving.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking it might be worth offering any given thing in question via the blog(s) first, for “things we’d ship” items.

Thoughts?  On the whole ‘selling things off” exercise in general?

We’re looking at Amazon for book sales.  eBay seems like something we might prefer to avoid, but we may wind up there.  I understand Craigslist might be ideal for larger and more locally targeted items.  Then again, it has wild west elements as well.  It’s kind of disgusting to look through it at people offering computer work at unsustainable rates that range from below market down to barely above free.

Listing stuff here doesn’t get the traffic it might elsewhere, but it would be satisfying to give our smaller community first crack.

Posted by on 02/01 at 08:56 PM

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