The “2007” folder of pictures from the camera is 27.9 gigabytes.

That does include some zips that haven’t been deleted, and duplication in the form of copies of pictures modified to go online, but still.


By comparison, the other folders in the folder where we keep pictures and other stuff shared on our network are…
(Hey, Henry just rolled over while we weren’t actually watching!)
(He also found his feet today, playing with them for the first time this afternoon.)

Before 2005 - 1.12 GB
2005 - 5.56 GB
2006 - 6.96 GB
A random folder of other pictures, graphics, backups, work files, etc. - 2.28 GB

I just created a 2008 folder and moved the files in the root of the share to a folder, then decided to move all the “not designated with a year” folders to one folder to be even neater.  While “before 2005” is kind of a catch all, how appropriate that there are four completed folders by year, since the 2nd is our fourth anniversary.

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