Lament Stub

Isn’t the ultimate irony being unable to finish a post that laments, in part, about not being able to post?  Yeah, it was like that yesterday.  Here’s that one:

Today is back to normal.

I’ve been trying to write a not particularly significant food post since almost first thing this morning, while continuing to eye other stuff in w.bloggar regretfully.

I got a few lines into experimenting with the possibility of writing my own blog post editing software before I was utterly derailed.

I took care of a domain thing for a project of Deb’s, which wasn’t bad because it was basically a series of one minute activities.

I’ve done some organizing and compressing of stuff on my overstuffed hard drive, which again is a series of one minutes tasks, easy to interrupt.

It didn’t help my post writing any that I got tangented into looking at recipes, which itself wound up disjointed but at least wasn’t really harmed by lack of focus.

There have been other very minor this and thats and shiny things, but nothing that feels like I did something.  When I find myself unable to finish posts, it feels even worse.

Apparently this is not a day for writing an article or post of any substance (but hey, happy birthday some of you), programming, accounting, web design, or anything that requires focus and applied attention or creativity.  That’s okay, sometimes.

Posted by on 06/15 at 01:15 PM

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