Just to be clear on the migration thing…

The discussion of moving is little more than fantasy at the moment and probably for a couple years anyway, notwithstanding that we’d have probably packed and moved this week had we been financially able.

To move in the near term would require winning the lottery, which I can’t afford to play because a dollar is a lot of money just now.

It might be possible relatively soon if I got the right offer of work that would cover the cost of such a move up front, or would allow for my getting there and getting crash space while supporting the cost of this place and accumulating enough to consummate the move.  Or something similar that would involve two locations.

Otherwise?  If I get enough work for long enough here, sure, but then if I have such work, there will be a disincentive to move and a pull toward staying.  It’d end up being a decision for a time when whatever I do next for primary income tied to this area came to a logical and natural conclusion.  But since people take jobs with big companies and keep them for thirty years, then retire wealthy, unless they are lazytard slackers who are disgraces to their families, even if nobody else has that fantasy job either, a bout of employment drawing to an end would never be an issue until it was time to decide between dueling retirement heavens in Florida and Arizona.

We’ll see, but if I get a great keeper job in Massachusetts, it may be worth the risk of having to fight with or move out of a local school system over the right to educate our kids properly, and worth having to avoid certain people other than through distance.

Time to make supper, I guess.


The main thing is it’s been a tipping point.  When I met Deb, I had the option of moving to California, or of both of us moving elsewhere, but I was tied to the business, and I still wanted to be near the family and didn’t have as much political reason to want to leave.  Frankly, I couldn’t picture leaving the state.  It felt scary and unsettling, close as I came to it once before.

Now it doesn’t.  It feels desirable and perhaps inevitable.  The buildup toward it started long ago, and it would have probably gotten there eventually.  It’s just sooner rather than later that the mental switch inside me flipped.

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