Jay already mentioned that it’s my brother’s birthday today…

So it’s kind of wild that Flea would choose to post about the Hib vaccine today.  You see, that brother had epiglottitis when he was a kid, and he’s had about 24 bonus birthdays since then.

I cannot say enough times how fucking happy I am that folks don’t have to go through that anymore.  Even better, kids don’t have to DIE of it anymore:

The vaccine has made Hib epiglottitis almost disappear. Flea knows board-certified Pediatric ED docs in practice for 15 years who have never seen it. This news won’t make the front pages, but the virtual disappearance of Hib-related disease constitutes a public health triumph that has changed dramatically the practice of Pediatrics in this country.

This is a modern miracle, people.  And anybody who thinks it’s a bad thing can kiss my ass.

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