It’s Always Weird

When I don’t have any birthdays to give me a guaranteed post in the morning, and I can’t think of anything else to write.

Well, except maybe I can.  For instance, we did that cah update yesterday, but since then we’ve come to a near definite conclusion that we will ditch the van, register the Sentra, try to get by for a while with the Sentra and the truck and take both if all five of us must be somewhere together, and try to find someone who can and will do the engine work and so forth and will love having the solid van, ideally selling it for the infrastructure for near what we paid, as opposed to the $200 it would get for scrap.  We’re close enough to wanting to fix and keep it ourselves that it seems a shame to see it melted down.  Assuming it would be, considering what it is and its condition apart from the motor.

I made possibly the best beef stew ever, at least as far as Deb is concerned.  How good is it?  We had it for supper.  We had it for lunch.  We took pity and gave the kids tuna sandwiches, carrot sticks and almonds, but we had it for supper a second time.  There are about three bowls left, which probably ought to be frozen.

Since I have a DVD burner, I realized I can also put videos of the kids on a DVD, and I believe Vista has built-in video editing, which is even better.  For all I know it sucks, but hey, then I’ll know.

Rearranging the office is harder than it sounded.  First, clearing all books off the antique bookcase, which will move to our bedroom and be used probably more for storage than books.  In the process of boxing books, some came from other bookcases, with the idea being to clear tops of bookcases and even top shelves, giving us explicit storage space up out of reach.  They don’t tell you that you will need every bit of space you can possibly get at five feet or higher in the air where there’s a chance the kids might not reach.

Then there’s all the stuff already stored on top of the antique bookcase.  Or, on top of the milk crates that add a shelf to the bookcase, that is.  The router for the internet and home network lives there.  It’s taped down so it can’s move, because if it moves, the ethernet cable from outside budges slightly in the port, and that knocks the internet out until I move it slightly again, because the D-Link router they provided sucks.  I mean, this one does; the brand is, in my experience, prefectly reputable.  The WAN port seems to have issues.

That means the router has to move.  That is the hard part!

The best option seems to be to move it to the top of the bookcase against the wall, next to where the cable comes in from outside.  Then it will be necessary to hang ethernet cables from the ceiling to the computers, rather than the single on to the router.  So maybe I should move it to the upper shelf on the desk, until that moves.  Hmmm…

Clearing the top of the bookcase by the wall is especially challenging.  On it live all the Wheel of Time paperbacks, bookended by a tall stack of most of the Greg Bear we have on one end, and most of the Ayn Rand we have on the other end.  There are also two unused copper horse bookends and several collectables or knick knacks, and a screwdriver.  All that has to move, except not so much the knick knacks if I don’t move the router there.

All of this aside from bringing furniture home from the office and rearranging desks and such.

Okay, I need to let Deb use the computer.  It has Paint Shop Pro, which is the easiest thing to use for working with pictures of her merchandise.  She did an awesome custom order and needs to list it via the shop.  One of the ways in which my brother’s loan of a car saved us was ensuring we could get the material for that and get it out before next week.

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  1. Your router placement issue (and having to run cables) reminded me of my situation.

    My router is in the living room, and it’s sort of integrated into the entertainment center because that’s where the FIOS installers put the jack.  However, I’m using a spare bedroom for my office.  So I needed a way to get the network from the living room to the office.

    At first I used a wireless bridge, which worked great for a while until some neighbors added their own networks, which made things unreliable.  I moved to a powerline network adapter to bridge the networks.  This worked technically, but not logistically due to needing to run a cable in the living room to an unused outlet. 

    I didn’t want to have to fiddle around in the attic to run a line, so I instead found some flat ethernet cable (like this) and ran it around the baseboard and used gluestrips (DAP Stikarounds) to hold it down.

    The flat cable might be a solution that would be more aesthetically pleasing than running cables across the ceiling.

    Posted by Aubrey Turner  on  08/16  at  02:06 PM  from  Keller, TX
  2. One more thing…

    I ran a single cable into the office, where I have a switch.  You might want to consider a small switch and use one cable from the router to the switch, then plug the PCs into the switch.  That would eliminate multiple cables across the ceiling.

    Posted by Aubrey Turner  on  08/16  at  02:10 PM  from  Keller, TX
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