Jason Castro is finally going home, several weeks after he earned it.  Hallelujah!

Inaccurate as they’ve become, I think Dial Idol is spot on, with the contestants in exactly the right order, and for the first time I can recall seeing this year, an unambiguous “red” indicator of who’ll be gone.

David Cook was amazing, and I liked his version of Hungry Like The Wolf.  Baba O’Riley made us want to make our first ever iTunes purchase to get the full version.

Achoo-Bot was a bit more human, but still a bot.  I never noticed just how much Stand By Me resembled Spanish Harlem.  To me he was just adequate, and if he wins I am not sure he’ll sell as they’d like.

Syesha took her late bloom and overacted Proud Mary, of which I dislike the Turner version, while doing okay.  What I heard of the other song, the only unfamiliar one of the night, was fine.  She played the race card so overtly and shamelessly that she ought to get points off for it, and it’s not necessary with her talent.

To be fair, I hate hate hate Clapton’s I Shot The Sheriff.  Never knew it was a cover.  I thought Jason was vastly superior, making the song make sense to me.  For me, he did not lose the night on the first song, apart from it maybe not being what people expect of an Idol.

Everyone knows Mr. Tambourine Man.  Nobody missed his mangling of the words.  He couldn’t have done a better job if he was intentionally trying to be voted off the show.  Not a top four contender.

I’ve come to a realization about American Idol.  Most seasons aren’t that good.

I just happened to start watching partway through season 4, quickly rooting for Bo Bice, while appreciating Carrie Underwood and being happy for her win, despite not being her market.  There were WTF contestants outside the top two, but it mostly worked.

Season 5 had a different magic.  Taylor Hicks was an absurd winner, though his album was better than he gets credit for.  Katharine McPhee was kind of an absurd runner up.  The field was loaded with talent, though, so we have Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, and Bucky Covington, all great.

Season 6 was a low talent or potential group, notwithstanding the placement of Melinda, who could sing circles around Archuletta, who is her more successful heir.  At least we got the uniqueness of Blake Lewis in second.

This appeared to be a better season, but it also appeared the show was trying to make it so by having planted already pseudo-established talent, to the point of most of the top ten being clear or allegedly handpicked plants.  The ways in which the producers and judges play the public to try to get outcomes they prefer, let alone the fact they can throw out votes and do whatever if they really want, has never been more obvious.

Yet it’s kind of boring.  Jason’s gotten some of the support he has because he’s so different.  Archuletta is boring.  Syesha is mostly boring.  Chikezie is… oh wait!  Amanda is… oh wait!  There were predictions of a Cook versus Castro finale just because you’d have it down to the two least boring contestants.

Plant or not, if David Cook wins, I’ll feel like it’s not a total loss.  Yet I could wish he doesn’t, so he can escape the machine sooner.

My impressions of the early seasons, having not watched them, are that season 1 had a decent cast but got incredibly lucky with Kelly Clarkson, who made Idol as much as Idol made her.  Season 2 had a great cast, but the Clay versus Ruben controversy, which I was aware of even as a non-viewer, lost a lot of people.  Again, though, Clay’s success made it look good and paved the way for non-winners to have big careers later.  Season 3 may have had some talent, but Fantasia was an absurd winner, despite being who the powers that be wanted.  Just my impressions from here.  I think it’s telling that my brother said “you still watch that?” in a way that sounded like he’d watched early seasons and gotten jaded, be it by season 2 or season 3.

If most seasons aren’t that good, heck, that means this one could be considered one of the better years, and that may hold even if Achoo-Bot wins.  They’ll get their desired Clay McMelinda, while we get to see what Cook, Johns, Chikezie, never thought I’d say it but Carly too, and maybe Amanda produce going forward.

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  1. Katharine McPhee purposely set up that malfunction on her yellow dress to open.From that point on on Idol she portrayed herself as a sex object in order to get more votes.She is a LOSER, and deserves that old man she married

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  2. Season 5...ahhhhh!!!

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