“I Know He Can Do The Job, But Can He Get The Job"*

I know I’m just a tad slow, and it’s funny after all the resumes I have written or revamped for other people.  Along the line I started with a completely blank page and created a resume designed to be vaguely blog-like, with sections/pages and posts.

Along with that, since it became apparent there would be more need for it than my original plan to do one as an afterthought anticipated, I started with a resume oriented not technically - besides that it can’t help but show some of that, but to blogging, writing-related activities, and management, which also can’t help but be there to a degree whatever the intended orientation.

In the first draft, listed second below, I let myself be whimsical.  In the updated draft, listed first and quite possibly ready for prime time, I eliminated most of that.  These were done in Word 2000 and should be openable by most of you.  I am not going to take the time to turn them into viable HTML.

Current draft blog resume

First draft blog resume

Next up, in fact already started though I may want to meld it with changes I made in the above draft, a version that is tech oriented, but in a similar format to the above.  If that seems untenable, I may revert to another format I was trying.

I managed in the wee hours last night to psyche myself up to some degree of normal.  That helped me a lot today, but I can feel the brain cloud trying to settle back in.  Hopefully I can dissipate it again and breeze through the tech variant.  Stay tuned…

* Okay, so I inverted the quote to fit remembered it wrong.  Here’s a WAV file of the actual movie quote.

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