‘I can kill you with my brain.”

Deb just called.  She’s leaving the hospital, having done the pre-op, arranged the time we are to be there Monday (6:00 AM), and given a check to the billing people for the $500 copay.  Actually, it looks like she called while I was in the shower.  With Valerie, who heard the water and had to be in it.  Sadie then noticed Valerie in the water after I was out, shaving, and had to join her, so they are there for safekeeping but that won’t last long.  Even Underdog didn’t keep Sadie occupied fully for the duration of all the primary episodes on a DVD (she’s cute, periodically declaring “that’s funny!” at something that is, indeed, meant to be funny), though it worked better than it did on Valerie, who initially wouldn’t allow herself to be changed unless I did it in the living room so she could keep watching.

Anyway, she’s driving my brother’s van, the one I mentioned filling in the previous post.  As I was pumping it full of gas, I couldn’t help thinking of times when people have told me “but don’t fill it all the way” because their car had a top of the tank leak or such.

She smelled gas the whole way to the hospital, especially when stopped, to the point of it being nauseating.  When she parked, the extra maneuvering involved resulted in a clear trail of gasoline, which seems to be leaking right under the driver seat.

She’s going to drive it the couple miles from the hospital to my brother’s house, at which point we’ll find out if this is new, because she can break cars with her mind, or if it’s something already there that I triggered by filling the tank.  Or both.

If it’s new, then apparently Deb has a new super power.  Sort of like Murphy, only focused on cars.  Sometimes I wonder if I have that same power.

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  1. Valerie was driving the van to the hospital?!?

    (based on the most recent proper name before the pronoun subject in the 2nd paragraph)

    Posted by Nathan  on  08/17  at  03:26 PM  from  Aiea, HI
  2. my pickup leaks if you fill it all the way, need to fix it.

    Posted by  on  08/17  at  04:27 PM  from 
  3. I was unaware of that rule.  To me it’s obvious that, digression aside, the person doing the driving, the one we’re talking about from the first paragraph, is Deb.

    At least this *could* be considered a bit lax.  I have a friend with whom a conversation can go something like:

    Me: “Deb went to the store.”
    Him: “Uh-huh.”
    Me: “She bought some soap.”
    Him: “Who?”
    Me: “Deb.  I was still talking about Deb!  deb bought some soap.”
    Him: “Uh-huh.”

    Seriously, that’s no more than mildly exaggerated.  I think of him every time I wonder if I am not stilted enough toward a format like:

    “Deb went to the store, where Deb bought soap for Deb, but not for Jay, as Jay uses a diffreent kind, and Deb and Jay’s children still use gentle infant soap.  Deb then swung by the post office.  Deb had to mail a package to one of Deb’s customers before Deb was tied up for the following week and it was delayed.  Deb also bought stamps while Deb was there, and then Deb went home, where Deb’s children cried out to Deb, ‘mommy! mommy!’ in their excitement to see Deb.”

    Since that would sound silly, I try to keep it more natural.

    Posted by Jay Solo  on  08/17  at  05:21 PM  from  Nowhere, Man
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