Heller Decision

I posted this first at Tersosity, but it’s great news and on the long side for there, so I’m cross-posting here:

As expected, and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that 5 of the Justices can read and have a modicum of sense, as reported and elaborated at SCOTUSblog (where commentary will probably be ongoing, as it presumably will at Volokh), the Supreme Court has struck down the DC gun ban and clarified the scope of the Second Amendment in a way recognizable as sane to those of us with sense.  One might suggest the decision falls short, or take a more absolutist view, but this is at least rational enough to keep the anti-human scum self-defense banners in check.  It is sad that if was 5 to 4, and there are so many on the Court who clearly can’t read, but at least the anticonstitutionalist component of the Court isn’t in the majority as it was for Kelo.

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  1. Well now,

    That is a welcome relief.  I agree it is sad that the decision was 5-4, but I am glad that the decision was made.

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