Happy Birthday

To my good friend Tom, who was also born in 1961.  We met in 9th grade and hit it off.

Tom is the friend who coined “Jay Solo” as a pseudonym for me.  Every reference you see to me under that name, and perhaps the entire fact that the online world knows me by my middle name?  His fault.  Which includes the fact that I met a wife who knew me up front as “Jay,” and therefore didn’t have cognitive dissonance in that regard when around my family, about the only way I possibly could have.  He also got me hooked on letter writing, though that may have happened anyway, which was the precursor to blogging, which was the logical outlet for a pent up urge to write similarly that burst forth starting in 2003.  Not until then only because I resisted.  I could easily have been one of those who started in 2002.

My life would be a dramatically different thing without his influence, the good outweighing the questionable.  I think.

Here’s to many good years before the game is up.

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