Happy Birthday

To me!  An amazing 47 years ago, near this time, a modest walk from this place, I was born on my mother’s 26th birthday.

Apparently I was born hungry, because at 5 days old they were supplementing me with cereal.

At 17 days I went into the hospital in Boston with meningitis, for 11 days, and unexpectedly lived.

Henry is a mirror in more than appearance, as I apparently had a similar personality.  I also talked fast, walked fast, and was apparently way ahead until about four years old, when I slowed down to the point it seemed there was nerve damage.

Anyway, mostly to me it’s another day, though there’s a brownie mix I’ll probably make in lieu of cake.  I might try making a scratch cake, but we’re low on flour and it might have to wait for me to buy more, and someone gave us the brownie mix, which has been calling to me.

I am getting one big birthday present, the timing of which is coincidental.  My aunt is picking up a new car today, and is giving us her old one.  She says it’s big enough to fit three car seats in the back.  If I keep feeding Sadie like yesterday, perhaps she’ll get to 40 lbs soon and be able to get a booster instead.  A shame we lost one of our parking spots to the upstairs neighbor.  And that we can’t afford to register it until whenever.  Then again, the neighbor is using the two spots most directly in the line of fire of the mulberries, and the big car will be easier to get in and out of the driveway near the street.

That should be good enough to do what the van couldn’t even handle, simply getting us to my grandmother’s or brother’s or other local places as a whole group, without heavy driving in between.

Anyway, enough with the post.  I need coffee, and to work on the “how to pay some rent next week” project.

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  1. Happy Birthday Man!

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  2. Happy Birthday Cousin!

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  3. Happy Birthday, Jay!

    Posted by Amanda  on  04/04  at  01:06 PM  from  Miami
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