Happy Anniversary

To us!  One of the earliest and best known pairs of bloggers to meet and marry entirely on account of our participation in that medium.  It’s now been four big years, with the fifth being the one where the dust clears and we mold the future into a useful shape.

Here is last year’s post, which contains links to the posts from back then about getting married and containing pictures.

And yeah, four years also pass like nothing.  It’s sometimes shocking to think Sadie will turn four this year, and she’s half teaching herself and half being taught by us the alphabet and beginnings of reading already.

Posted by on 01/02 at 03:02 PM
  1. Happy Anniversary, you two crazy lovebirds!

    Posted by Amanda  on  01/02  at  05:15 PM  from  Miami
  2. Congrats!!!!

    When we got your Christmas card, I was explaining to Ching how we’re way behind you guys in the baby department.  We met online almost 9 years ago, although not through blogs but chatrooms.  And, well, we’re not legally married - but… who’s counting wink

    Posted by Beth  on  01/03  at  01:15 AM  from 
  3. Happy Anniversary you silly kids!

    Posted by caltechgirl  on  01/03  at  05:59 AM  from 
  4. Happy Anniversary

    Posted by Dave  on  01/03  at  02:58 PM  from  Indianapolis
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