Is outsourcing an Exchange server migration and many other aspects of a network upgrade, then after the other guys, who by the way would shamelessly love to have the rest of your work for the client, leave the scene, realizing that they installed Exchange on the server you plan to install SQL Server on, rather than the almost identical, except for having a second CPU for which SQL would cost $5000 or so more to license, server purchased expressly for Exchange.


It’s enough to make you write paragraph-length run-on sentences.

And yes, they knew up front, before they even created a proposal, about the distinction between the servers and the ultimate goal, and are the professionals.  I didn’t babysit them to make sure they got something so fundamental right.

Posted by on 11/22 at 03:54 AM
  1. They should have done like surgeons now do, and given you a marker with which to write “do not amputate” on the other leg.

    Posted by triticale  on  11/23  at  04:49 AM  from  the you know house
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