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I was looking closely at our hosting, as one of the accounts was up for renewal the 10th and I have no idea how I’m going to pay the $112.20 for the year yet.  Failure isn’t an option, as there are people advertising there who we’re obligated to keep the site up for in some form, and it’s the content that would be hardest to move.

I was thinking maybe we could get a hosting account with greater capacity and merge two of the three together (having more than one, even more than two, does have valid reasoning, so I had no plans to consolidate all three).  Credit the balance of what’s been paid already on one of the plans, bringing the outlay down.  Sadly, we’re 8 months into the year for the one in question, so the net would be more.  Oh well.

Partly for any who might be interested, and partly as an additional place where I can refer to the info, here are fun details about our hosting accounts (well, there’s a 4th, with GoDaddy, but that’s just used for a static site for now, and an e-mail address, and the hosting isn’t good).

Elhide hosting (the one that needs to be paid)
Using 362 of 700 MB disk space, 18 of 80 e-mails, 6 of 25 Addon domains (total 7 domains, in other words), 7 of 25 FTP accounts, 5 of 8 MySQL databases (that is, there are 5 blogs there), 1 of 4 mailing lists.  So far this month we have used 1895 MB of 40,000 MB bandwidth.

AV hosting (this one)
Using 282 of 700 MB disk space, 7 of 80 e-mails, 1 of 25 Addon domains (total 2 domains, in other words), 3 of 25 FTP accounts, 2 of 8 MySQL databases (that is, there are 2 blogs here).  So far this month we have used 5716 MB of 40,000 MB bandwidth.  The reason more domains aren’t here is because we were low on disk space and bandwidth before the hosting specs were upgraded and our traffic fell dramatically.

GP hosting (still mainly for business or stuff that was expressing intended to be commercial, like CotC/Bizosphere)
Using 154 of 550 MB disk space, 15 of 60 e-mails, 6 of 15 Addon domains (total 7 domains, in other words), 4 of 5 FTP accounts, 5 of 6 MySQL databases (that is, there are 5 blogs here, one of which I expect to purge), 1 of 2 mailing lists.  So far this month we have used 570 MB of 30,000 MB bandwidth.  The disk space and bandwidth suggest room for more activity here, but this hosting has yet to be upgraded, which seems to be a matter of rolling upgrades as servers are updated, so there’s mainly a database limitation.

Anyway, back to work sprucing one of the blogs to allow it to host ads more easily, so I can list it, and then other work and errands.  If I’m lucky, a small check from a client will be here on time to go to the bank while I am out anyway.

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