First Fireworks

I walked with Sadie to the fireworks last night, thinking about it being remembered as her first, and the whole event of walking to the center of town and the crowds of people and carnival stuff being etched in her memory.

The fireworks were excellent, and as in your face close as it gets.  However, while she was awed by them initially, she didn’t like the sound.  About halfway through, the noise became too much, and she plastered herself to me, only peripherally able to see them, and then cried through the big finale.  After which she completely composed herself as if nothing had happened, got up, and led me out of there.

It’s funny she had absolutely zero interest in checking out the carnival area, let alone going on the rides.  I told her maybe next year, if we’re still here, and if we have more money - which we’d have to because we couldn’t possibly have less - maybe we could check out the carnival too.

She practically ran the whole way there, around a mile or so, but was droopy on the way back.  Didn’t want to be carried, though, and made it the whole way.  I’d stuck little LED flashlights in my pocket.  They were originally extensions of miniature first aid kits I put in the cars and briefcase, but a while back they became hers and Valerie’s.  I’d recently found and put them up.  Had she been more intrigued by the light toys vendors were selling, I could bring hers out, but she was just momentarily intrigued.  So I brought hers out on the way home, for her to carry and shine if needed.  She was delighted, and it was an inspired bit of planning.  I used the other one in the couple dark stretches without street lights, or to get her attention.  And to show her how shadows worked.

It was very cool.  I wasn’t sure about it, but I’m very glad we went.

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  1. Dude. Don’t dare the universe like that.

    Posted by Deb  on  07/03  at  09:04 PM  from  hell
  2. We were there also enjoying the fireworks.  Sorry I wasn’t able to find you guys.  Maybe next time. wink

    Posted by  on  07/04  at  02:23 AM  from 
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