It’s not generally my kind of thing, but I think Fatzombie is a brilliant idea: prints for sale of art by tatoo artists.

I came across it while seeing if this guy I once worked with and haven’t heard from in years turned up online in a search.  Eric moved to Arizona a while back, and appears to have established a name for himself in the tattoo business in Scottsdale.  He operates Fatzombie as a side business.

In a past life, he was TinyMan Graphics, the name spoofing the fact that he is the largest guy I have ever met, making me feel small.  He’s also one of the nicest.  I gave him business advice and helped him with his tax preparation one year.  He did some inexpensive graphics and web work for me.

I have a tendency to relate well to art and design people.  He’s not the first friend I’ve had who went to college for fine arts.

Waaaaay back, he redid the XTreme Computing site for me.  The main page more or less as he did it is archived here, and VB Tips is an example of an internal page under the design he created, which also included cleaning up the format and text colors of the individual tip pages.  Prior to that, we’d settled on one of many variants I created starting in 1997.  It wasn’t bad, for someone who’s not a graphics person.  Indeed, one of my partners hated the redesign by comparison and perhaps never got over it.

When I redid it again to have a minimalist front page, I still used Eric’s basic logo he created based on my concept and rough drawing of the interlinked blue X and yellow/gold C.  I stuck with the text colors.

Another graphic by Eric remains at the old and decrepit XTremeWare page that I may yet do something with, keeping the old business going in the form of shareware and/or software and/or hardware sales.

Where tattoo art is often over the top, and even some of the XTreme stuff is kind of bold, Andover Marker is subdued, distinguished, and superbly done.  Eric did that site for, if I have the relationship right, my former partner’s late ex-wife’s cousin.  I always liked the way it came out.

Digression aside, I thought it’d be cool to point out the tattoo art site and give it the benefit of our pretty good page rank.

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