Exciting Day

Today I need to download and print tax forms, plug in and double-check numbers, scan and copy and such when done, and in the midst of this take Valerie over to my grandmother’s for dinner and cake and guilt.  Meanwhile, Sadie has gotten Deb’s cold she got from my brother’s airport germs.  She seems downright unpathetic at the moment, painting at my other computer, right behind me.  Tylenol must be helping, and I think I managed to teach her how to blow her nose.  It’s a surprisingly difficult thing for the extremely young to grasp, somehow.

I was awake most of the way to 3:00, so up at 8:30 and awake before that when Sadie crawled in was on the early side.  Valerie is still asleep, as far as I know.

Between tax stuff, emptying and selling the van, billing for web work, other business and job seeking related stuff, and the day to day, it’s going to be a busy next few days.  Thus it has to be purely my imagination that I feel the aforementioned cold coming on…

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