Doodles of Long Ago

Back when I did Word support, most of the calls were sufficiently easy or had long, dull enough interludes that I had to have a low level secondary occupation for my mind and hands.  I ended up doodling in Windows Paintbrush.  Yes, Windows 3.1, not even 95 yet, using the built-in graphics program.

I started saving my work, ultimately bringing it home on floppies, one of which I found this weekend.  Usually I named the files after the customer I was on with at the time, which will explain some of the odd names.

I pasted a bunch of them, in their original sizes, into one graphic, saved it as a JPEG, realized it was big enough to hide below the fold, created a funky preview graphic a tenth the size, uploaded them, and so here’s the post.

This is just a sampling.  There are three seasonal landscapes.  The first, which would have to be spring or summer, was named Art.  Not sure if that was the name of a customer or a complement to myself.  The next two are named Fall and Winter.  The fourth one is named Balloon, logically.  The next three are Ariel, Web, and Neat.  I guess I was descriptive or opinionated almost as often as I used the name of a person.  The next two are Twilight and Sunset.  The final two are Tariq and Flowers.

I don’t consider myself particularly good at drawing, but it can be fun.  That’s the important thing, even if I can’t pretend to be an artist.

Here’s a sample of snippets from them.  To see the big collection, click the link to reveal the rest of the post.  Naturally these are copyright me and all that.  Unlike the usual pictures, these are not clickable for a larger version.

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  1. 1337 Windows 3.1 Paint skillz!

    Posted by Dan  on  10/21  at  11:58 PM  from  Planet Hell, MA
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