Dial Soap

Can apparently be added to the sensitivity list for Henry.  Washing his hands with it made him identifiably rashy in the contact area.

And we’ve been washing our hands with it and then touching him.

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  1. Funny, I had to stop using Dial soap some time ago because it was causing me rashes on my body (I had been using it in the shower).  I switched to a non anti-bacterial soap and the rashes cleared right up.  Been using mostly Lever 2000 ever since.  I do, however, use anti-bacterial hand-soap with no problems…

    Posted by rob sama  on  04/07  at  12:01 AM  from 
  2. You may want to check out your laundry detergent too.  The powder forms contain forms of latex (which my father is allergic to), and some liquids contain preservatives that are allergy-causing.

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  3. We use the laundry detergent you use if you have allergies, because I am sensitive to scents.  Been using it as long as it’s been available, and converted Deb.  There’s never been an indication that might be a problem.

    Posted by Jay  on  04/07  at  12:07 PM  from  Rock <> Hard Place
  4. I have very bad dermatitis. I use Cetaphil cleanser. It is very gentle on my skin. I use the liquid version but you can also buy it in bar form which is a lot cheaper.

    Posted by  on  04/07  at  11:03 PM  from  Mass
  5. FWIW, check soaps for an ingredient called “quaternium” or “polyquaternium”. Quaternium-15 releases formaldehyde.


    I think it’s in Dial. I have to watch carefully the soaps I use. It’s also in most shampoos except some Suaves and Pantene.

    It’s in nearly every baby soap imaginable, especially Johnson and Johnson. It doesn’t appear to be in Baby Magic.

    But there are so many things it could be. It takes so much work to pinpoint these things. I have a friend with a (wonderfully sweet and smart) boy who’s allergic to so many common foods. She touched a little scrambled egg to his face and it instantly turned splotchy.

    Posted by Harriet  on  04/15  at  11:18 PM  from  Northern Virginia
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