Henry tried butter yesterday, twice, with no ill effects we could detect.  He thought rice with butter on it was just amazing.

This following Deb having started eating butter and general foods that contain milk proteins, without apparent problems for him in the nursing department.

Next up, relaxing about things that contain dairy, maybe a taste of cheese that isn’t cheddar or heavily aged/veined/fermented and more subject either to salicylates or histamines, and maybe a little milk sometime, a taste to see what really happens without flavors and colors.

To be able to have mashed potatoes again would be cool.  Ditto when he has the chance to eat squash that’s already been mashed and buttered.

Posted by on 07/02 at 12:42 PM
  1. That’s great about butter. A friend of mine has celiac, and she can handle butter, cheese, and yogurt but cannot have ice cream, cream cheese, or milk. I have had colby jack cheese a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, and it hasn’t made me sick.

    I think I read when you linked to the page on salycilates that coconut milk is high in those, which sucks, because that’s what I use for mashed potatoes. It’s really the only substitution I can think of for milk and cream and cream cheese in those.

    BTW, have you tried Henry on kefir (naturally fermented milk)? Doctors may not recommend it because he’s so young, though. But that’s something else you can try maybe later.

    Posted by sarahk  on  07/03  at  12:12 PM  from  boise
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