Busy Today

In an odd sort of way.  It’s so nice, I should probably take the kids outside, but I think Deb may do that for a while to help along my attempt at productivity.  At the same time, I’d wanted to try to give Deb some less encumbered time to work toward restocking the shop, which did land office business the last few days.  We’ll get there.

I’m writing thank you e-mails to people who donated, as a big priority.  We’re still just blown away.

I have a bit of work lined up for tomorrow, late afternoon.  The rate is reasonable, as far as a flat rate that makes it worth an estimated 2 hours or so, plus a half hour or so round trip.  However, there’s a huge amount of time involved in reading and digesting the red tape to be handled, and the instructions for something unfamiliar, easy as it may be (swapping POS system components).  It’s probably closer to 4.5 hours total work.  Reading that material is on the agenda, though I relaxed when I became reasonably sure I did not have to call anyone involved until I arrive on the scene.

I have a smaller bit of work at a time to be determined the first three days of the week.  It’s pleasing that between them it’s most of a week’s rent, or enough to put the car we all fit in on the road, or whatnot.  The smaller bit of work is likely to lead to a little more of the same, when every little bit matters.

I managed today to get back to the guy I’ve been discussing a different sort of work with, involving blogging, social media, and business development types of activities on a tentative, exploratory basis.  I’m psyched about the possibilities.

There are some WordPress sites we run that I need to upgrade.  One needs a different template, as I suspect that specifically of being a security hole.

Then there are other work-seeking efforts to be done, and so forth.  I may be a little scarcer about posting here than otherwise might be the case, though I may put some pictures up, as it’s been a while and there’s an accumulation.  Back to work…

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