Busy for Someone Lazy and Broke

Wanted to toss out a quick post before I hang out and vegetate for another day.  Heh.

Cross your fingers that the car from my aunt works okay, since it’s registered and having a shakedown today when we go to Sharon to see friends, including one who is doing her lucky if it’s annual visit from Oregon.  Can’t afford the gas, but we didn’t have to fly across the country.  As such, we have to get the car seats in and so forth.

This morning at 10:30 there’s some kind of mortgage inspection the landlord has to have done, and they might need to come in here in the process.  There’s the tail end of making the place look more respectable in anticipation of that.  We’re curious what in the world it’s about, as that could mean a sale, which would suck.  And be a silly time for it, in a down market.  Then again, if you bought in the late seventies, down relative to peak, even by 30%, is still going to be a nice cashing out.  More likely it’s a refinance or leveraging this property to buy another because, hey, it’s a down market so good time to buy.  Or it’s a stealth excuse to inspect our apartment and find a reason to throw us out, but that’s just the paranoid outlook.

The baby isn’t going to let me type much more and I rilly rilly need to get to work on stuff, but…

In 1998 I went on a vacation to Canada, my first and last in forever.  Well, 5 1/2 years, if you could California to meet Deb, while still monitoring work and directing someone designated to be my hands back at the office.  But anyway, on the way back, I stopped at LL Bean in Maine and bought a T-shirt, among less memorable clothes.  It was never my loosest shirt, smaller for its size than they should run.

That shirt is, I am pretty sure, looser on me than it has ever been, which is an interesting anecdote about where my weight was when, given the stretches of time when I didn’t monitor it.  I peaked at 308 and had a stable high of 298.  Yesterday I hit a not yet stable low of 253, and am solidly 255 wanting to be 254 this morning.  Counting to the low yesterday, that’s 55 lost, 45 of it this year so far.

All apparently a metabolism thing by going off drugs that make you gain weight so you can get sneered at that you wouldn’t need the drugs if you’d just lose weight, because only fat slobs have high blood pressure.  With a bit of atavistic eating thrown in for emphasis, since apparently eating like someone pre-industrial food, if not pre-agriculture, agrees with me.

Okay, time is flying by so I have to get another coffee (sugar, no artificial sweetener to confuse the body about calories consumed) and see about cleaning and organizing more.

Posted by on 06/08 at 11:12 AM
  1. Wow, Jay, that’s awesome! Great job on the weight loss! And yay for not using fake sugar.

    Posted by sarahk  on  06/15  at  01:23 PM  from  boise
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