Woke up way too early, before 5:00, couldn’t get back to sleep.  Now I feel like I’ll keel over, at the point when everyone else is about to start waking up.

Our coating of snow yesterday turned into a coastal thing that dumped real snow out there, enough that I may have to go shovel.  Or not, since three days of temps are supposed to be 35, 44 and 48.

Made an amazing blueberry pound cake with some frozen blueberries Sadie got from her grandfather.  She loves blueberries.

Made bread for the first time ever, with a recipe from my brother that he e-mailed me in 2001, which turns out to be almost identical to the CIA bread recipe I found online to try to determine the amount of sugar to use, as that wasn’t listed.  I screwed up the steps at a key point, but still ended up with something about as good as anything we’d buy.  When it calls for putting the warm milk mixture in a bowl and then adding flour, it says to put in 2 cups then mix, then add the yeast water.  I put in all the flour, then saw what the directions actually said.  Decided to cut the yeast into it anyway, and hope for the best.  Fudged it with a little warm water to make it mix in better.  It rose stubbornly, but it did rise.  The loaves ended up perhaps smaller and heavier in texture than they would have.  In my travels I learned about skimming versus not skimming the milk to make it fluffier or heavier.

Making bread was easier than I’d expected.  I routinely cook things that are more time and trouble than making a couple loaves of bread, so I’ll do it again for sure.  I want to figure out what the ingredients cost, versus buying, say, a couple loaves of Italian bread.

I also made chili yesterday, slightly heavier on the beans than usual, but still meaty.  The girls devoured it, and in fact gave it preference over the bread, despite having tried and enjoyed tastes of the bread beforehand.  I also experimented with giving them glasses of water with supper.  They have sippy cups of milk, watered juice, or lemonade all day, but usually have nothing to drink at the table with a meal.  Figured it was time for them, especially Sadie, to learn to drink from a regular cup better.  She loved it.  Valerie, who drinks expertly from a bowl, had, or pretended to have, trouble.

Sadie has also started using big kid toothpaste you have to spit out.  For some reason, that resulted in her having me brush the teeth for her, but she wants them to be properly clean and admires them in the mirror afterward.

I think I’ll lay back down after all.  I have the can’t stay upright feeling that’s like being sick as much as sleepy.

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