The visit to the doctor was weird.  Appointment was for 9:45 and we were the only ones in the waiting room when we arrived exactly on time.  We were called in within a few minutes and did the preliminaries.  I promptly forgot Sadie’s height and weight.  Well, her weight was 34 lbs I believe, and the doctor was thrilled with both when he finally saw her and commented on it.

Sadie was fine for being weighed and measured.  She was fine for blood pressure, which was something like 101/75 if I remember right.  The nurse said “she’s nervous” with a chuckle when she announced it, so I take it it should have bee lower.  She was fine for getting her finger pricked and having two little samples tested; in fact, that fascinates her.  I was tempted to say “no, it’s science” when the nurse showed Sadie the test chip thing wicking up blood and said “it’s magic.” She was fine for getting undressed and putting on a ridiculous adult sized johnny, which she shed eventually after sitting on the chair for like an hour while I was grilled.

When the doctor opened the door to introduce the latest student and say that guy would come in to check my blood pressure, then he’d come in to see Sadie, Sadie freaked at the sight of him.  Apparently there’s something about his big hair and big beard that bothers her on a primal level.  She liked the fourth year Tufts student, who was a cleancut young Chinese guy.

After a while, the student doc came in and we talked at length.  It seemed like the doctor thought it might be better to have someone not already known to me do a psych evaluation, in addition to his doing a thorough exam.  All while Sadie sat and waited her turn forever.

My blood pressure was up a bit.  Can’t imagine why.  Therefore I have to go back in four weeks and eight weeks.  Yay.  Got a prescription for the hand, even as I had figured out the root cause myself.

The bad spots on the hands are where my hands make contact with the steering wheel.  And I hardly do any driving!  The funny thing is, I remember making the same connection in the past.  I also never had this problem when I drove a car with a (might have been leather but not sure) steering wheel cover.  I also noticed I kept gripping the wheel excessively tight.  Not that it ought to make the hand do that, but at least there’s a clear correlation.

I need to get an eye exam as soon as I can afford to do so.  It was the tracking test that reminded me to mention the blurring problem, but I also glitched a little while tracking.

The student doctor fished for stuff like skin cancer, as he was fascinated by my pigmentation problem, which stands out prominently since my hair is freshly cut.  It’s a symptom of, as Deb said, “things he’s only seen in a textbook” that I mysteriously don’t have.  He was even interested in the pigmentation of my arms, where you can see freckles went wild, and where my summer tans eventually stopped fading away over the winter.

The gout drew little interest, even though I said the hydrochlorothiazide seemed to make it flare up and I’d reduced that to every other day.  I didn’t tell either of them that I forget to take any of the pills an average of a couple times a week.  It was apparently enough that it’s not active currently.  By the time we were done, I didn’t want to push it.  I almost wished I hadn’t pointed out the hand, since I know it goes away itself.  And gee, why would my blood pressure be elevated after you’ve grilled me for an hour during which my bladder’s been full because I took the hydrochlorothiazide this morning?  Could it be because I’m fretting about the delay in giving my kid her checkup when I forgot to bring the diaper bag in with me and because I’m worried she might stop being patient?  Naw.

They tell me I need more structure, which is part of the impetus for seeking a job rather than attempting to be self-employed full time.

The doctor is worried about one of Sadie’s feet turning in when she walks, so we have a prescription for cookies to insert in her shoes.  So… how does that help when she wears shoes about once a week?

I was so tapped out by the time we were done - it was 11:56 when we got in the truck to leave - I didn’t want to risk seeing another person and having to be friendly or whatever today.  Instead of going to Burger King, which is Sadie’s big thing, and to the old office, we just hit the post office for the business mail and hit BK on the way home, getting enough for everyone.  So here I am, structured into the office to work on CotC, just as soon as I finish this post and relieve my hydrochlorothiazide before it bursts.  I wanted to have a resume to point to from CotC, but unless I can toss something together from what I already have and promise updates, I’ll have to structure my way into that following CotC.

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  1. My dad had/has a similar skin problem.  Not only was the steering wheel a problem, but their pillows also.  The same rubber they use to make steering wheels is also used in foam rubber pillows and briefcase handles.  He changed to feather pillows, and that helped a lot!

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