I hit just the right food combinations yesterday for the kids.

First, I had bought 3 Bartlett pears on sale, sneaking them into a “can’t get everything I need and must keep it under $10, preferably under $7 in case the debit card doesn’t work and I have to use cash” grocery order, and the girls split one like they were discovering fruit for the first time.  It was especially good, perfectly ripe.

Shortly after, at their request, we had grilled cheese and red soup.  The latter being what they call tomato soup.  Which was Wal-Mart’s house brand, and quite good.  They each devoured completely half of a grilled cheese, made with colby jack, cheap bread and cheap margarine.  Since we can’t afford cheese, but still have to buy some, and are using it slower while Deb avoids dairy, and I’m nervous about my beloved cheddar after the allergy incident in which it’s about 80% probable the specific batch of cheese plus pre-sensitization were to blame (I didn’t know cheddar could be loaded with histamines) and I reacted to it or something too, we’ve settled on that kind.  Wal-Mart’s is good, and it makes great grilled cheese.  One devoured all and the other most of a third or more of the can of soup.  I gave each of them at least as much of it as I had.

Then when I was at a total loss for supper, Deb remembered I’d mentioned blueberry pancakes the night before.  We still had part of a bag of frozen blueberries my father had gotten for Sadie, knowing her love of blueberries.  Most of it went into an astonishingly good blueberry cake a while back, which oddly enough left the kids indifferent.

There was exactly a cup of Bisquick remaining, enough for half a standard batch, without stretching it or making scratch.  I made that up for them, figuring they might not eat it all and that would be part of what I had.  Using an eight cup measure to scoop relatively uniform pancakes, I made 12 of them, heavy on blueberries, ate one myself, and between them they ate all of the other 11.  Sadie ate 5 2/3 and Valerie at 5 1/3 of them, with plenty of cheap fake syrup.

That’s just nuts, compared to their normal, or at least recent, eating, especially Sadie’s.  She’s been doing a lot of living on moonbeams.  And afterward she pleaded still hungry, at least enough for several jelly beans.

In between, they each got a green apple lollipop from the post office when we walked there.  You may remember we have books for sale, and there was an order for one to go priority, rather than the usual media mail.  Not only did the guy at the post office give out lollipops, he had me stuff the original package into one of the “if it fits, it ships” priority folders, to make it $4.60 instead of $7.50.

Too bad having a full belly didn’t prevent a total meltdown by Sadie, for no apparent reason, late last night.  She did make the breakthrough of calming herself enough to be coherent, so that’s good.

And speaking of cheap bread, we fell in love with Stop & Shop’s cheap bread, in 3-packs for $2.69, so it’s the best price as well as quality.  I went in there the other day, read the package and found it has no milk or egg, so bought that rather than making more dairy-free bread myself just now.  But… it went up sixty cents, to $3.29, just like that.  Wow!  If bread everywhere else, in single loaves, stayed that same, that makes them comparable.  I have to assume there was probably a generalized increase.  But 22%??  That’s going to mean the cheapest breads start to approach $1.50 a loaf.  Perhaps it’s not generalized.  I’ll have to look, just to find out.

My next mission will be to persuade the kids that soup is still soup and can still be eaten even if it’s not tomato.  I have three cans of chicken noodle, which they ought to like, if I carefully promote it and make sure they know what it is.  There are some other cans that the three of us can eat.

Speaking of allergies, we tried reintroducing eggs to Deb starting last night.  The two of us had fried egg and ham sandwiches.  Eggs come out odd on non-stick with no source of grease, but it was still good.  Within a few days we should be clear that it’s okay for her to have them, which will leave only dairy, which makes it not too bad.

Henry can now eat oatmeal, rice, butternut, apple, chicken, and carrots.  I really need to hit the store with money enough to buy chicken this week, as it’s on amazing sale, and hello, he can eat it and it’s a nice boost from the veggie kingdom.  I was thinking of trying the pears next, but I doubt they’ll last long enough.  They’re a safe bet, anyway.  We still have sweet potatoes he could try next, and that’ll cover the major orange food group.

Oh, peanut butter and raisins appear to be safe for him, too.  He has sisters.  Apparently the main reason not to give him peanut butter is ability to eat it without choking, because he’s managed to get some twice.

One of his biggest problems seems to be my printed shirts.  Part of it’s an abrasion factor, on the heavier, rougher prints, but the ink can also contain stuff that can bother some people.  Given that we know he is bothered severely by bananas, and that probably means a latex allergy, the ink thing would be no surprise.

I’m rambling.  Need to get more coffee, and at least make it so the girls will wake sooner rather than later.  Last night I was threatening them with an earlier bed time, starting with waking them early today.  I didn’t, but it’s about time even for not so early.

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