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How to get crayon safely off the business side of a music CD?

The other day I retrieved a couple Christmas CDs from the floor, where Valerie had been playing with them and had one spilling out of its case.  I have no idea where or how she got them, but they may have been ones I had at the office and brought home.  Which still means she went to some real effort to obtain them.

Just now I went to rip them on the Vista machine, where I have an “xmas” playlist (it astonishes me the words that Firefox doesn’t have in its dictionary - especially being modern Firefox and not, say, Word 97) already, and since I never got around to converting those to MP3, and found them ruined with crayon.  Presumably; I haven’t tried reading them.  I find it hard to believe they would read cleanly enough.


And Sadie’s the one who sobbed when I lectured… yeah, that’s a good word for it, lectured… them about not ruining music CDs, when I doubt she’d ever do such a thing.  Valerie was probably too far removed from the act for it to register.  Sigh…

One of them was a freebie, at least, in the form of all instrumental stuff from AT&T years ago.  The other was a gift from my brother a few years ago.

Meanwhile, I setup the kids at the kitchen table with paper, chalk, crayon stubs, and colored pencils.  They mothed me while I tried to find a sharpener, since Sadie lost both of hers by virtue of being allowed to use them herself.  Then they mothed me again now, which is why they were so handy for scolding.  Sadie has been crouched right next to me, drawing with the unlikely crude surface of my soft-sided briefcase under her paper.  Well, except now she’s squeezed beside me, rubbing my right shoulder, drawing at the desk.  Valerie just wandered back in and thrust one of her shoes at me.  Again.  Then tried to squeeze into a millimeter of space beside Sadie, then tried to touch the Vista computer, which is a sensitive thing right now after she shut it down via the keyboard yesterday.  Sadie is drawing portraits of each of us, one per page, narrating as she goes, mimicking me when I show her how to draw something.  It’s so cute!  She draws glasses on Deb and big curls on Valerie.  I’ll have to take pictures of today’s work.  Or scan them.  I’ve been photographing her art regularly to capture some of it for posterity.

Speaking of which, not only will Sadie get art supplies for Christmas, but also she’s the easy one otherwise.  For instance, she’s old enough for Candyland.  I noticed in Benny’s they had a Dora themed version.  Not sure about that, and didn’t they modify the original a few years back so it doesn’t emphasize food or winning?  Valerie I am not so sure of, besides that she’s stopped eating everything so she could have Play-Doh now, which would probably go over big.  Otherwise she’s pretty easy in a random kid stuff sort of way.

What I’d love to do is make them a widget device they can play with, that has buttons, switches, cords, connectors, plugs, LED lights, and maybe sounds.  Even without getting fancy, I could probably do something out of wood and dead computer parts and a few Radio Shack or junk drawer items, enough to tickle the gadget fascination.

Sadie just ended a long narrative I less than half listened to and couldn’t comprehend with “paper airplane” and requested I make one.  Made a couple for her (and Val, but she’s a bit young to appreciate them) yesterday and apparently it left a big impression.

Apparently the CDs in question were up on a high shelf, out of reach of the kids.  Which brings to mind the half hour attempt the girls made to break into the locked file cabinet the other day, mentioned in a previous post…

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  1. try rubbing alcohol.

    Posted by caltechgirl  on  11/29  at  04:03 PM  from 
  2. Windex… spray some on the CD, gently rub with your finger (don’t scratch) and rinse with warm water. Pat dry, try not to wipe. (or at least be very gentle about it and move from center outward) I’ve done this with rental DVDs. So far it works great on all the fingerprints and sticky goop that people (kids) leave behind.

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