American Idol Top… Where Were We Again?

Very quickly, since I don’t have time but need something to post and it’s traditional, I am going to try to convert my live tweets into a unified post on last night’s American Idol, at the end of which I predicted Carly and Syesha for the bottom two.  I’m guessing this may be the week they move to having two, not one, but I don’t remember definitely from last year.

They are trying to kill Michael Johns by slotting him first, but with that song no way.  The judges are funny. Paula making sense? Weird.  While Randy is on some kind of good stuff.  Anyway, Johns was great for most of Dream On.  The high part at the end was for the dogs, as the mostly impressed Paula noted, but I loved it in general.

From Whitney to covering a prior, not even very good idol. Syesha, did you never watch AI before?  You avoid covering prior contestants.  You don’t gratuitously do black diva stuff because - well, because.  That said, Syesha was good, and Randy is still on crack.  Can’t compare, because luckily I never heard Fantasia’s version.  I wonder if she sings it to he shishter.

Jason Castro is nuts to choose that song, and with a ukelele!? Paging Tiny Tim.  And yet it works.  With cheesy Over The Rainbow, Jason sounds better than he’s been.  Deb observed he’d be a good kid’s singer.  Indeed.

Poor SarahK, having Kristy Lee Cook as a doppelganger. Or not, she is kind of cute.  More so than I remember her being before.  Great job by Kristy, and a nice eff you lyric, “sing it anyway.” Totally safe.  Simon makes a good point, that she looks like a star, which was what I’d picked up on.  If she’d been impressive from the beginning, some people would be betting on a Kristy versus Achoo-bot finale.  Dial Idol has her in third, handily, and safe, so she’s not going to get the shock elimination on a good week treatment.

It almost seems that voting in any given week is more heavily influenced by who was actually good than we have seen seen some seasons.

David Cook is making an obscure, odd song totally work.  More or less.  He’s just great.  Not his best this time, but good enough.  Looked like maybe Paula was trying to call attention to the cancer brother thing, which he has been loathe to pimp for sympathy.  Dial Idol has him third from the bottom, which is maybe not out of line relative to performances this week, but seems low on the basis of how much an accumulated fan base has to do with results.  I could wonder if he might be a shock elimination, to get him back to his life and his brother without actually being the lowest, as has allegedly been done in the past for scandals or need to leave situations.

Simon has been into the thesaurus, so indulgent is pompous now.  Perhaps it was.  Simon overall seemed more thoughtful tonight than usual.

Carly does Queen.  Hmm.  I like it.  She seems very Heart to me.  She’s still sleeveless… Simon is right about Carly sounding angry.  And she could be in trouble, versus the decent field tonight.  This morning Dial Idol has her in last.  I was amused that Simon complemented her appearance.

Achoo-bot can still sing.  He was worried about dad approving the song choice, or whatever you can read between the clear lines.  He’s boinking angels?  Is that allowed?  And an off note, wow.  He may be an awful entertainer who sings skillfully, and thus the object of ridicule, but hearing an off note so clearly is unusual.  Archuletta just needs a soul, then he’ll be a performer.  Plus that’s probably a prerequisite for angelic relations.

Brooke likes Tapestry.  Good girl.  Carole King is a natural fit for her.  Not my favorite tonight, seems a tad stiff, but… She’s a potential surprise elimination, if she doesn’t have enough fan base support or people just assume she’s safe.  Considering she’s been a favorite for final two, or at least three, that would really be shocking.  Brooke was okay.  Pleasant but not memorable, as the judges say.  Pimp slot helps, anyway.

Hard to say whether it will be Syesha or Carly.  Could be a surprise, and be neither.  Guess we’ll find out Thursday, after skipping a night for Idol Gives Dreck.  At least it’s not disguised as a results show this year, so it’s easy to skip.  Unless they want to send us some money for poor starving children in Massachusetts, in which case we might be persuaded to watch.

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