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I’ve seldom been so sure about who is going home, and that would be Ramiele.  There’s no contest otherwise, at least once you factor in fan bases, built momentum, and demographics.  The song was too big for her.  I’m impressed she did it as well as she did, and had it not been a good night for the field, it could have saved her.

Obviously Jason has been sucking, but has a deeper fan base keeping him there.  This week shouldn’t change that, unless we’re getting down to it enough for the fan base to dissipate, and he was better this week.  Problematic for him: With three more performances to go, the two of us were ticking through the list of who had already gone, and both forgot he existed.  He was a total non-entity half an hour later, forgotten until they showed the recap clips.

Brooke would have to be a lot worse.  We lurve her, and so do a lot of people, just for being her.  She was better than the judges seemed to think, but pretty predictable.  It’s no longer “obvious” the final two might be her versus Achoo.  It could instead be a battle of the Davids.

I prefer the original arrangement, and was, as I so often am, surprised that the song was from her so recent year of birth, never having noticed it was covered then.  That said, Syesha was as good as she’s been, and showed what she had that made us fans.  Will it be enough?  Probably to keep her this week.

Chikezie sang brilliantly, has some demographics, did nothing less than what he was advised, only to be slammed by the judges, is personable, likable and memorable, and should be staying regardless of any appearance he might make near the bottom.

Michael Johns should apparently stick to covering Queen and the Doors, since he’s great when he does either of those.

Carly was better than the judges gave her credit for, and it was fascinating to watch the dynamic of them backing off their formerly outrageous support.

Achoo-Bot sang just fine, more upbeat than usual, but I felt like I was at one of those Christian music festivals a former colleague used to attend and get all excited about.  The message songs?  Not so much.  I loved Simon’s zing at Stage Dad, holder of the radio-controlled bot remote.  The prom thing was cute, and Achoo seemed a bit more normal than sometimes in the profile and banter.

Kristy Lee was brilliant of song choice.  The song is insipid if you pay any attention, but it’s catchy, well-loved, and gets the heartland voters going.  She also sang it well, finally showing the much-touted ability that made her one of the too-many-to-sustain plants this season.  Just remember, lyrical liberties notwithstanding, the rights already exist, and nobody dies to manufacture them.

David Cook did what I wanted to think was a bizarre version of Billie Jean, which having not been aware of the cover he was covering, I kept expecting to speed up.  It was brilliant, showing off his control, singing ability, and vocal quality.  It seems to have been one of those watershed performances, to the point where Dial Idol’s results graph shows him, not Achoo, as the runaway number one of the night.

Of course, if you believe Dial Idol, Chikezie goes home, but they’re still in margin of error territory with at least their bottom five.  Still, apart from flipping Chikezie to third or fourth from the bottom and Ramiele into the bottom, it seems a pretty accurate reflection of how people did combined with fan bases, trends and demographics.

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