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I didn’t expect to like Dolly Parton night as much as I did, since I am not the proverbial big fan and never heard of most of the songs.  Then again, not knowing them eliminates preconceptions.

It has seldom been clearer who should be eliminated, but I said that last week, and of the same person, who was not even in the bottom three.  However, this week Dial Idol has Ramiele Malubay so far below everyone else that they are likely to be right, though they’ve adjusted her from red to yellow since I check 2/3 of the way through the voting last night.

I’d have guessed that Jason and perhaps Syesha would be the rest of the bottom 3, but Syesha appears to be safe, and more likely either Kristy or Carly will join Ramiele.  Assuming this is a week when they pull out a bottom 3, rather than moving to a bottom 2.

Since I already effectively wrote a post through live tweeting, I’m going to past those comments in here and maybe, or maybe not, embellish on them.  Unusually, they reflect exactly what I was thinking at the time, sometimes before or just as a performance ended, without having seen any other comments or recaps, or listened again online.

Brooke is about as good as she’s been.  I am unfamiliar with Jolene but liked it.  Simon is on crack.

David Cook with Little Sparrow was amazing.  Loved the intro with credits for all the cover covers, then emphasis it’s his own this week.  Apparently, in news since, he was just recovering from a run to hospital before the show.  We wonder if he held back to avoid being noticed too strongly and targeted too early, staying in but under the radar.

Ramiele was okay dawg, better than other weeks, out of breath, straining because too fast for her. Simon’s crack wore off.  In the end, she was still the weakest.  I wish I could have seen what Chikezie would do with this week.

Jason was a lot better this week, upbeat for once, yet still folky. Not very commercial, but okay.  A small market, but he could make a living, tincluding small venue tours.

Carly was good, better to me than Dolly’s version.  Not something I’d buy, but it fit her and showed off her voice.  Simon’s right regarding the wardrobe.  It’s been bad and not getting better.  Proud of the tattoo is fine, but a lot of voting America is still put off by seeing it, and that’s not the only problem.

Archuletta reminded me of a smarmy fake TV preacher in intro.  Achoo-Bot sounded fine, but too old for him.  He’s good at faking emotion when he sings, but it’s clearly a trained thing, essentially acting.  He was good enough to give the judges legitimate pimp opportunity, but he doesn’t resonate with an awful lot of people out there.

This is the second week in row can see what they saw in Kristy originally, when she was one of the planted top contenders.  Nice job, if unmemorable as Simon said.  Carly, see Kristy’s clothes.  I came away thinking she’d be safe, and even if she’s bottom three, she should be.  Her voice is so much better to me now, I wonder if she was residually sick for longer than you’d expect from that initial flu problem.

Syesha did that song, okay at start, meh on big part.  Should have kept it level throughout, as she seemed to be in a good vocal range for her, but cracked up on the belt.  She didn’t hurt herself.  Simon was on.  Missed the intro because we were crazy enough to have kids.  For what it’s worth, Henry ended a few minute meltdown to be engrossed with Syesha’s singing, even though she’s not a cute young blond.  Poor kid, he’s completely controllable through the playing of Carmen Rasmussen videos.

Michael Johns shows he’s great without doing Queen or the Doors.  Not perfect, but good, entertaining, and charismatic.  Heh.  Cue the British accent saying “Michael, if this were a charisma competition...”

I then observed that it has to be Ramiele at bottom again, and that the rest of bottom 3 will be Syesha and Jason.  As mentioned above, it appears Syesha really did herself no harm, and is unlikely to be bottom three.  There could be demographics at play here too.

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