American Idol Top 6

This was a better week than I might have expected.  Certainly it was clear cut as to who was bad and good.

David Cook, Syesha Mercado, and Carly Smithson are the top three, though opinions might vary and cases might be made as to what order they would be placed in.  Syesha showed where her niche is and bought herself a nice career, even if she somehow went home this week.  She performed the song amazingly, while singing it nicely.  David showed us just how good his voice actually is, singing straight this time.  Carly belted Jesus Christ Superstar, if not perfectly, well and having fun.  I could quibble with a couple instances of wrong words.  Deb hadn’t seen the original, which I watch regularly, thus knowing the words.

Ironically, David Archuletta was good enough this week, human enough, I typed his name before remembering I always call him the Achoo-Bot.  In a twist to the other David singing straight, he made a theater song into pop that you could imagine hearing on radio, even if on a station at the mellow end of the spectrum.  I never like him, but this week he was likable.  Yet he falls clearly at 4th in my book, which is why the gap between the four and the bottom two is so wide.

Brooke White and Jason Castro are clearly the bottom two.  I believe they do switch to two at this point, incidentally.  They were so bad, especially Jason, and at that I didn’t think he was as bad as the judges thought, if one of them isn’t going home, it’s a travesty.  Dial Idol had Carly handily at the bottom, but they have been hopelessly inaccurate, so that means nothing.

We’ll see what happens tonight…

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  1. I thought Carly was horrible.

    Posted by COD  on  04/23  at  01:28 PM  from 
  2. Apparently you were not alone.  I haven’t listened to the MP3 yet, without the distraction of watching.  I suspect she wasn’t as good as the song suiting her and fun she had might initially have suggested.

    She *could* be the one this week, between those who thought so, and the accumulated fan club effects.

    Posted by Jay  on  04/23  at  01:34 PM  from  Rock <> Hard Place
  3. My surprise was that Brooke survived this week. I think that even she was surprised she wasn’t in the bottom two. The shock on her face when she was told she was safe showed she really thought she was going to be out. She even *apologized* to Syesha about being safe! Brooke is a good singer, but she has a major case of stage fright which affects her performances. She still isn’t confident up there on stage.

    It also appears at this stage it’s more of a popularity contest and not about who was a better performer. It’s the Sanjaya Effect again. That’s the only reason I can think of for Jason surviving yet another week. He has a good voice for ballads, but that’s all. His voice has no power so he’s limited to singing that type of song. Next week he’ll probably show off his talent as they’re doing Neil Diamond. He’ll have plenty of ballads to choose from. Brooke might also perform well, assuming she doesn’t choke again.

    My top three for the season were the two Davids and Carly. My bottom two were Brooke and Jason. I thought Syesha finally found her niche and had a bangup performance, though she’s not good enough to finish at the top. But she’s still better than Brooke and Jason, in my opinion.

    Posted by DCE  on  04/26  at  02:21 PM  from 
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