The storage unit is 5x8 and had been severely underused over the years.  It’s about 7 feet floor to ceiling, for about 280 cubic feet, in theory.  By comparison, each of the three bookcases now in there are about 15 cubic feet, so those take about 1/6 of the available space.

Anyway, it is astonishing what can be stuffed in there.  I have two giant plastic shelving units, of the variety you’d generally use in a garage, shed, or cellar, which have been there all along and were largely full.  I made space on them by rearranging things a bit.  There was not much else in there.  I removed all the yard tools, which now reside in the cellar here.  Which is another story.  I always felt bad because the people on the first floor used most of the space in the cellar, and the third floor apartment came with a small dedicated space.  We barely get enough room for the washer, dryer and a tiny trash bucket for lint.  Since we moved in, the people on the first floor have made a gradual concerted effort to purage a lot of their old stuff, and last I knew there was a bit of extra space.  I had a mental image of exactly where I would put a 33 gallon trash barrel with the yard tools held in it.  Only to find that every bit of space the first floor people had freed up had been occupied by stuff belonging to the third floor people.  It made me feel a lot less bad about using a third parking spot, especially given the low probability anyone would use it if we vacated it.  I managed to find a bit of space for the barrel, but I was disconcerted, grumbling loudly about payng all that money for a storage unit a fraction of the size of the space in the cellar.

Besides the three bookcases, I put in about ten boxes of books, a 6’ folding table, a 4 drawer file cabinet, a 2 drawer file cabinet with short drawers, two small monitors, around a dozen old computers or bombed out carcasses thereof, a 4 cubic foot fridge, a smaller fridge, a microwave, various boxes and bags of this and that, and a paper shredder.  I have a larger 2 drawer file cabinet and a microwave cart that I’d pegged for coming home, but if I wanted I could probably fit both, or I could probably fit at least one of the coffee and end tables (the latter probably that’s preferable), and more boxes and bags of stuff, of which there will be some.

It’s going to be fun ever getting it emptied, or getting anything specific I might decide I need that’s not right at the front, as I took full advantage of vertical space and treated it like a 3D puzzle.  But at least there was room!  I have a modest amount more to go there, but in excess of a truckload - if only due to the need to be gentle - to come home.  The crazy thing is if they were loose I could cover the entire bed of the pickup a few inches deep with floppies that I have to bring home, store, go through, and deal with as appropriate, if only to have a lifetime supply of blanks or be a source of supply to people who need obsolete media for files.

In the next couple days I should finally be done clearing out the old office.  I’ve never felt more like I was alone in the partnership than during the move.  It’s nice that they don’t care that I was delayed.

Thinking about it, more likely it’s as much as 9 feet to the ceiling, though the door isn’t much over 6 feet.  Picturing how much space I had on top of the bookcases, it’s way over a foot.

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