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So much for the obvious conclusion about who would leave American Idol this week.  We’ll miss Chikezie, and will be looking for whatever CD he produces down the line.  That’s not a level of appeal I would normally ascribe to a tenth place finisher, but I don’t think he ever recovered with the voters from that top 24 performance and the orange suit.

Kristy’s brilliant strategy gets her into the top 8, at least, because it’s country next week.  At which Chikezie would have been good, and Ramiele likely will not.

Process of elimination and who’s who this year gets you a bottom three next week of Ramiele, Jason and Syesha.  Bottom three alternate is Carly, who I placed in the middle with Michael.  Top four should be the Davids, Kristy, and Brooke.  Changing from that likely lineup will take disproportionate performances from some of them.  Eliminated?  Could be any of the three, but not Michael or Carly if they wind up there somehow.

Then again, there are always shock eliminations, country is a minefield, and the judges don’t like country and will be down on most of the performances.

One more thing, harking back to the title of this post, which was supposed to focus on this week and Chikezie, not next week.  Who else might we look for an album from?  David Cook, despite our initial dislike, Michael Johns, though with him it’s as much the watching due to his charisma and Jim Morrison vibe, not sure who else.  Perhaps Carly, in the end, despite our initial dislike, and depending.  We’ll see.

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