A Buying Experience

I went shopping for Sadie’s birthday last night.  She’s very hard to buy for these days!  For various couple reasons.  Are there too many pieces?  Will it be too messy or immediately destroyed?  Will it take too much space?  Is it young enough for her but bad with the other two a factor?  Will she have any interest?

I got three more of the $1 cartoon DVDs I’d probably have grabbed anyway.  Figured I could wrap and call them presents for her as something extra.

I considered getting her some kind of flashlight of her own.  Another dinosaur?  Maybe, but seems too little at 88 cents.  Doll?  But what?  And she has Dee Dee, is utterly devoted to her, but may well be a one doll mommy.  Play guitar?  She just got a Disney keyboard (which they both love and seem to be taking care of).  Sketch toy?  Maybe, but the ones that aren’t 5 and up seem a bit cheesy.

I ended up settling on a 10-pack of particularly nice steel Matchbox vehicles.  It seems redundant, but they both always like those.  Between that, the cartoons, and a wooden puzzle Deb got, she should be all set.  Especially after the gifts from extended family.

Sadie reminded me to write this post by buzzing this morning about her cake that would have twooooooo bluuuuuuue candles.  I told her three candles; she’s turning three.  She insisted; two candles.  She’s so funny!

On another note, I never saw the last Star Trek movie.  Wal-Mart now has a display of $3.92 DVDs, and that was one of them, so I grabbed a copy.

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  1. Kohl’s Had dinosaur stuffies for i think $5 each with a book. There are 3.  Everytime i go in there i think of Sadie.

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