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Friday, February 08, 2008

Jay: Letting Civilization Go

For sale cheap to a good home:

I have a shrink wrapped box with the original Microprose Sid Meier’s Civilization on 3.5” floppies inside.  Never opened from the time I eventually bought it for $29.95 (according to the price tag).  The bottom of the box is slightly outdented, but otherwise it appears brand new, and hey, it’s even Microsoft Windows Compatible.  Oooh.

Make an offer.  I’d say it’s over a pound (really need to find my old scale to at least we have that to go by), which affects the cost of shipping.

I searched, which in turn searches eBay, and the particular release apparently is not available there.

If there’s any interest, I might be able to come up with a couple other game type of things that, if they were ever installed, have long since been reduced to excess baggage.  Or boxes.  If the media is in the box or can be found, I have the box for a set of DOS King’s Quest games.  I also had floating around Pool of Radiance and a couple other games by the same company.  If I can find them, as they are in a box somewhere, whereas the others are visible from my desk.

Not going to fret if I can’t sell these, or even necessarily try hard, as they may be something the kids will enjoy sometime, but if someone does want them, the money would be good.

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