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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jay: Preoccupied

I was working on a post about recent work experiences, but decided I’d cut to a this and that post and save the other for later.

Things got more interesting again with the baby.  Henry is apparently allergic to milk.  He got into a sippy cup one of the girls had, got a meaningful amount, and where it dribbled down his front, he got contact hives.

So we are up to milk and presumably milk products, with it all the clearer the big incident was cheese-related, bananas, apples, grapes, juice of the above, apparently broccoli, and I could swear I’m forgetting something else.  The seems to be able to eat/touch column includes rice, oatmeal, potatoes, chicken, beef, pork, butternut, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  We’re reasonably confident about pear.  He tasted Valerie’s cranberry strawberry juice today with no obvious or immediate consequences, but hard to say.  The girls aren’t going to be easy to train.  I got cranberry specifically because we know apple and grape juices are bad, and in case it’s good for Val’s urinary system.  At the same time, wanting it so tasty she drinks plenty and stays hydrated.

Good thing he loves rice cakes.

This means Deb is back off dairy again, and I’ll avoid it for cooking anything we’ll all eat.  We really need to find margarine that contains no dairy products.

I have so much on my plate, I’m lucky to slip in a post.  I had a crazy, way underpaid bit of work Sunday and Monday.  I helped someone with a computer speedup and de-infestation yesterday.  Apparently I have some big fans at the old stomping grounds.  The bit of work yesterday might lead to more.  I have some work we’re calling tech-marketing that I need to ramp up and spend some real time on, getting a handle on it.  The cool thing is it reminds me of my favorite college class, which was named management seminar, and was a graduate-style case course on strategic management and, by extension, business development.  It’s like being handed a case to work on for real.  There’s some writing work still pending, which I need to check on, status-wise.

There’s everything being made interesting due to the baby’s medical/diet issues.

There’s an ongoing, fits and starts reorganization and cleanup of the office and the house generally, purging stuff we don’t need, traveling a bit lighter.

There’s the project of thanking all the awesome people who donated to us recently, which is up near the top of the priority list for today.

There’s marketing.  It looks increasingly like I may be able to piece together a living from this and that, and may be able to do that and spend a lot of time on the home front, while Deb has the potential of some supplemental outside work.  However, the marketing includes of her, on the idea we can both do this and that without more than part time or hit and run outside the house work.

So that’s the stuff I’m working on or concerned with, that may mean a post is slow to appear if it’s somewhat extraneous.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Jay: Letting Civilization Go

For sale cheap to a good home:

I have a shrink wrapped box with the original Microprose Sid Meier’s Civilization on 3.5” floppies inside.  Never opened from the time I eventually bought it for $29.95 (according to the price tag).  The bottom of the box is slightly outdented, but otherwise it appears brand new, and hey, it’s even Microsoft Windows Compatible.  Oooh.

Make an offer.  I’d say it’s over a pound (really need to find my old scale to at least we have that to go by), which affects the cost of shipping.

I searched, which in turn searches eBay, and the particular release apparently is not available there.

If there’s any interest, I might be able to come up with a couple other game type of things that, if they were ever installed, have long since been reduced to excess baggage.  Or boxes.  If the media is in the box or can be found, I have the box for a set of DOS King’s Quest games.  I also had floating around Pool of Radiance and a couple other games by the same company.  If I can find them, as they are in a box somewhere, whereas the others are visible from my desk.

Not going to fret if I can’t sell these, or even necessarily try hard, as they may be something the kids will enjoy sometime, but if someone does want them, the money would be good.

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