Friday, November 30, 2007

Jay: Clean Your Plate?

I’m surprised Sharon didn’t elicit more comments on her question post on whether you follow the clean your plate and one meal fits all philosophies.

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Jay: Bear Jelly

That’s what Sadie decided honey is called.  It comes in a bear shaped container, after all.

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Jay: Nope, It’s Gone

I had a thing or two in mind to post this morning as “post something” minimum content for the day, but now I have no idea what that was.  There might be pictures later.  Besides the usual, today I need to see if the folding camp table will be okay for the craft fair, or if I will need to go get the bigger, much heavier one from storage. 

Speaking of the usual, apparently my blog resume must be fine, since there were no comments and Deb liked it.  Turn on some focus and the tech version should follow quickly.  Then I will have to buy clothes.  Which is one of the things I may have been thinking of posting about.  Not only have I not bought new leather shoes since 1987 or so (around the time I escaped from college), but also the one suit that nearly fits me, and all my ties, are thoroughly sealed into the big closet for the winter.  Since I would need a suit, buying a spare tie isn’t a big deal, even if I basically can’t afford any of that.  Too many years of wearing mainly jeans and T-shirts, and of clothes purchases being one of my lowest priorities, and voila, even my massive T-shirt collection is mostly getting old for all but around the house.  I figured out the closet thing when I remembered my longstanding idea to photograph my tie collection and start a blog meme.  What I have that would qualify as business casual or slightly better, while not being a suit, mostly doesn’t fit me.  I even have brand new, never worn pants that either were small for their size, or bought at the last second before I expanded a size.  I might have a pair or two of not-jeans that would fit, but that’s it.  Probably a few dress shirts, which once upon a time were all I would wear, then what I would wear preferentially, until finally I got used to wearing T-shirts, then fond of it.

Speaking of pictures, there may be some posted later, after the camera is offloaded.  Lots of food pics, if I ever get around to posting about cooking again.  Lots of pics of Sadie’s art, which I could also scan.

Anyway, time for more coffee and a look at that table.  Maybe I can attract the kids away from mothing Deb for a bit.

Ah, TV.  I keep intending to post about TV.  Though my big post on business blogging would be the better one to compose, as it will be an eyeball grabber.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deb: Everywhere is opposite world.

Why am I the most scattered when I most need to concentrate, and the most able to focus when the world won’t let me?

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Jay: Come to the Middleboro Craft Fair

You would never know it by the Middleboro PTA’s current online calendar, but there will be a craft fair this Saturday, December 1st, at the Burkland School cafeteria.  The school is on Mayflower Avenue, which is right off the main drag of route 105, near the lights at route 28. actually does have mention of it buried here:

HOLLY DAYS CRAFT FAIR: Sponsored by the Middleboro Elementary P.T.A., 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Burkland School cafeteria. Proceeds from the fair and sales of the ornaments made by the children will be used to purchase books for the elementary schools libraries.

Deb will be in it, so if you’re local enough, you should go buy stuff from her there.  Heck, you might see stuff you like at one of the other tables too.  The proceeds they mention above are the table fees.  We’d love to make back the table fee (which is an amusing term given that you have to supply your own table), though that shouldn’t be that hard.

If you’re not local, now is the time for Christmas shopping onlineDeb has created the coolest snowmen to put in the shop, including so far Kris K. Snowperson and Monica Snowperson, with more to come.  Including Jeremy Snowperson, who came to life while I was typing this post.

Bookmarks make great little gifts.  So do her popular coasters.  There are also dishcloths and towels, facecloths, creatures and aliens in addition to the snowpeople, coin purses and card wallets, and you can make a gift card extra special by using a gift card cozy (holder).

Deb has made a pile of awesome stuff you won’t see in the online shop unless it doesn’t sell in the fair, after which it will filter onto the site.  Some of what is currently in the shop may be available at the fair.

It’s worth remembering that Deb does custom orders or variants on existing products.  For instance, this tic-tac-toe game was inspired by the originalThis drawstring pouch was inspired by this blue drawstring pouch and this small rainbow drawstring pouch.  This custom set of eight coasters was inspired by other coasters done in sets of four.  I know I’m showing you a lot of sold items, but they are great examples of what is possible.

So if you are in the area Saturday, come on by the fair and see some of Deb’s cool stuff in person, but otherwise check it out online.

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Jay: Anyone Know

How to get crayon safely off the business side of a music CD?

The other day I retrieved a couple Christmas CDs from the floor, where Valerie had been playing with them and had one spilling out of its case.  I have no idea where or how she got them, but they may have been ones I had at the office and brought home.  Which still means she went to some real effort to obtain them.

Just now I went to rip them on the Vista machine, where I have an “xmas” playlist (it astonishes me the words that Firefox doesn’t have in its dictionary - especially being modern Firefox and not, say, Word 97) already, and since I never got around to converting those to MP3, and found them ruined with crayon.  Presumably; I haven’t tried reading them.  I find it hard to believe they would read cleanly enough.


And Sadie’s the one who sobbed when I lectured… yeah, that’s a good word for it, lectured… them about not ruining music CDs, when I doubt she’d ever do such a thing.  Valerie was probably too far removed from the act for it to register.  Sigh…

One of them was a freebie, at least, in the form of all instrumental stuff from AT&T years ago.  The other was a gift from my brother a few years ago.

Meanwhile, I setup the kids at the kitchen table with paper, chalk, crayon stubs, and colored pencils.  They mothed me while I tried to find a sharpener, since Sadie lost both of hers by virtue of being allowed to use them herself.  Then they mothed me again now, which is why they were so handy for scolding.  Sadie has been crouched right next to me, drawing with the unlikely crude surface of my soft-sided briefcase under her paper.  Well, except now she’s squeezed beside me, rubbing my right shoulder, drawing at the desk.  Valerie just wandered back in and thrust one of her shoes at me.  Again.  Then tried to squeeze into a millimeter of space beside Sadie, then tried to touch the Vista computer, which is a sensitive thing right now after she shut it down via the keyboard yesterday.  Sadie is drawing portraits of each of us, one per page, narrating as she goes, mimicking me when I show her how to draw something.  It’s so cute!  She draws glasses on Deb and big curls on Valerie.  I’ll have to take pictures of today’s work.  Or scan them.  I’ve been photographing her art regularly to capture some of it for posterity.

Speaking of which, not only will Sadie get art supplies for Christmas, but also she’s the easy one otherwise.  For instance, she’s old enough for Candyland.  I noticed in Benny’s they had a Dora themed version.  Not sure about that, and didn’t they modify the original a few years back so it doesn’t emphasize food or winning?  Valerie I am not so sure of, besides that she’s stopped eating everything so she could have Play-Doh now, which would probably go over big.  Otherwise she’s pretty easy in a random kid stuff sort of way.

What I’d love to do is make them a widget device they can play with, that has buttons, switches, cords, connectors, plugs, LED lights, and maybe sounds.  Even without getting fancy, I could probably do something out of wood and dead computer parts and a few Radio Shack or junk drawer items, enough to tickle the gadget fascination.

Sadie just ended a long narrative I less than half listened to and couldn’t comprehend with “paper airplane” and requested I make one.  Made a couple for her (and Val, but she’s a bit young to appreciate them) yesterday and apparently it left a big impression.

Apparently the CDs in question were up on a high shelf, out of reach of the kids.  Which brings to mind the half hour attempt the girls made to break into the locked file cabinet the other day, mentioned in a previous post…

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jay: Well Yay

I sold some advertising on fallow blogs and finished a resume today.  That fits my objective of doing something daily toward making money twice over.  Looks like I’ll even be able to continue on the other variant of the resume while the kids watch The Iron Giant and/or destroy the living room out of sight and mind.

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Jay: “I Know He Can Do The Job, But Can He Get The Job"*

I know I’m just a tad slow, and it’s funny after all the resumes I have written or revamped for other people.  Along the line I started with a completely blank page and created a resume designed to be vaguely blog-like, with sections/pages and posts.

Along with that, since it became apparent there would be more need for it than my original plan to do one as an afterthought anticipated, I started with a resume oriented not technically - besides that it can’t help but show some of that, but to blogging, writing-related activities, and management, which also can’t help but be there to a degree whatever the intended orientation.

In the first draft, listed second below, I let myself be whimsical.  In the updated draft, listed first and quite possibly ready for prime time, I eliminated most of that.  These were done in Word 2000 and should be openable by most of you.  I am not going to take the time to turn them into viable HTML.

Current draft blog resume

First draft blog resume

Next up, in fact already started though I may want to meld it with changes I made in the above draft, a version that is tech oriented, but in a similar format to the above.  If that seems untenable, I may revert to another format I was trying.

I managed in the wee hours last night to psyche myself up to some degree of normal.  That helped me a lot today, but I can feel the brain cloud trying to settle back in.  Hopefully I can dissipate it again and breeze through the tech variant.  Stay tuned…

* Okay, so I inverted the quote to fit remembered it wrong.  Here’s a WAV file of the actual movie quote.

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Jay: The Text Link Ad Market

It’s a funny thing.

I just negotiated down to about 1/3 of what I was originally asking for a placement on AV, yet that’s still about enough to cover all our web hosting and domain costs in a year.  It’s also a fraction of our share of what link ads here are being brokered for, but the big bucks are no good if few actually sell.

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Jay: Today

Would have been the 41st birthday of my cousin Wendy, daughter of my father’s late brother David.  She’s been gone now longer than she was around, having died June 26, 1986.  As far as I know, her siblings, Rita, Debbie and David, and her mother, Helen, are still around, possibly in Arizona.

For what it’s worth, today’s are the last birthdays until the three on December 4th (unless I learn about others in the meantime), so I will be forced to come up with other drivel to have something to post, even if I’m uninspired.  Or pictures.  There are always pictures.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Peter Caputa.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jay: Fussy Kids

It was a very rough night for kids being fussy or having traumas.  Even Sadie was up at one point, and ended up in bed with me.  Right now Valerie is asleep on the office floor, only slightly restlessly, so she might be halfway human today, even if we, especially Deb, who bore the brunt, are not.

What’s strange is seeing multiple people in Twitter who had the same kind of night with their kids, however unusual.  For instance, ones up and fussing at 11, 1, 3, and then up for the day at 5, which is what Val attempted to do, almost bringing a reluctant Sadie with her.

Is it a full moon or something?

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Billy Beck, who is 51 today.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Jay: Speaking of Lessons Learned…

Looking at the Hannaford flier reminds me that we discovered the kids will devour poultry on the bone, a drumstick or drum portion of the wing, with rabid enthusiasm.  Much of the time they leave behind boneless chicken breast or turkey white meat.

So duh, I’ll start stocking drumsticks and cook them as well as the other stuff, depending on the recipe.

My turkey soup is arguably they best such thing I have made yet, and Valerie devoured it last night like she had never seen food before.  That’s not usual, but hooray.  Speaking of soup, it’s nice when they get big and coordinated.  This morning Sadie asked for grilled cheese and tomato soup.  It was already late enough we all had it as an early lunch.  Sadie ate all of her sandwich, all of her soup and a bit of Deb’s and Valerie’s, some chips, and a tiny bit of ice cream.  She never eats everything.  Valerie merely ate well.  The cool parts are that they are capable of being specific about what they’d like, and they are capable of eating liquid soup neatly.  Neatly for their ages, anyway, meaning most of it got in them, some got on them, and not much got on the table.

Yesterday morning I was amused by their ability to focus.  So much for no attention span.  In the office I have a small metal file cabinet with a lock.  It’s locked, and while nothing is in there yet, it represents a place they can’t access.  Such places are precious here.

I’m not sure what she was holding, but it was thin and looked like it could be used for picking.  Sadie sat there for half an hour, trying to “pick” the lock so they could open the drawers.  More surprisingly, Valerie sat there with her, seeming to make suggestions and discuss the problem with Sadie.  No fighting.  No “mine!” Utterly fixated on a problem and cooperating or at least not interfering with each other.  It was scary, even as it was so cute.

Okay, back to work.  I finished a draft of a blog-oriented resume, which balances blogging, writing and such, management, and tech in a way that a tech resume won’t.  It is also in a vaguely blog-looking format.  When it’s been reviewed and tweaked enough, I’ll make it available for feedback.  I’m going to see if I can make a more tech oriented one based on the same format.  I also have a big post planned regarding blogging, business, advertising and such.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To Cheryl Watts.

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