Friday, August 31, 2007

Deb: Overheard in our house (Sadie and Val edition)

Me (to Sadie and Valerie): Oh my God that’s gross.  You’d think you were children or something.

Sadie: We *are* be children.

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Jay: The Joys of Old Houses

This one is something like 150 years old.

Everything in the office runs off of one pair of power outlets.  That’s all there is in the room.  In theory that means I could be running at least three computers and monitors, at least one printer, a fan, an air conditioner, three chargers, some speakers, a landline phone, and a halogen lamp.

Oddly enough, that doesn’t sound as bad to me as it looks.

This is a far cry from when I moved to Deerfield, to an apartment that was the second floor of an old farmhouse.  The owner had his electrician son wire a new circuit from the cellar to the dining room, giving my first PC, a 286, its own dedicated power.  That and giving that particular room its first power outlet.

I post this as I return to the reorganizing of the office room, and think about the need to string another extension cord across the ceiling to the other desk so I can actually use the computers there.

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Deb: Bwahahahahahaha!

Gawd, we’re evil.

We got my mother hooked on Heroes.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To my cousin Chad.

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Deb: Top 15 Science Fiction Novels?

Lynn’s got a link to this list, which isn’t a bad one as these things go.  I’ve read rather fewer of them than I might have expected, but that always seem to be the case with these things, no?  Especially since we’re talking books rather than authors.  I haven’t read The Time Machine, though I’ve read other H.G. Wells.  I’ve never read the Lensman books because they were impossible to lay hands on while I was blasting through that part of the canon.  They’ve long been on my list of deficiencies that I need to correct.  Slaughterhouse-Five is more of the whole, “read the author, but never this book,” thing, as is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Gateway, too, though if I’m not mistaken it’s sitting around here somewhere and just narrowly avoided being read this summer. 

Of course, the entire point of telling you about all of this is to say that first, I’ve never read William Gibson because I am just not interested at all, no matter how often people tell me I should be.  And second?  I’ll never, never read the Dune trilogy in its entirety because it was everything I could do to make it through Dune and I never wish to revisit that torture.  Classic or not, I HATED that book.  Hated, hated, hated.  And every so often it occurs to me that I should give it another chance, but no.  Just. Can’t. Do. It.

Sorry.  Except that I’m not.

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Deb: While we’re on the subject of things you’ll need to forgive me for…

I am SO not with Fred.  I can’t stand Fred.  I think Fred is a freaking disaster area.  And that they ALL are doesn’t make it any better for me.  I’ve lost my ability to get enthusiastic about the candidate who is just a little less bad than the rest.  And I’m not even sure Fred’s that candidate this year.

Be interesting to watch him try to distinguish himself from the sinking ship that is John McCain, though.

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Jay: Happy Birthday

To blogger Phil Bowermaster, who is 45 today.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Deb: Blogging for Dollars

Speaking of multiple income streams, I’ve noticed that this wacky paid posting thing has gone on longer than I thought it would really be viable.  I’m expecting the infinite number of monkeys who write Google’s algorithm to find a way to thwart it any time now, but in the meantime I’m having a really serious and protracted fight with myself over it.

You see, we need the money.  Very badly, if not quite desperately.  But--and I know this is new information, because I figure ‘your blog, your business’ and I haven’t commented on it where invited because of this--I find it deeply obnoxious.  Some of y’all are very good at it, yes, but I still don’t like it, because I’m lazy and I hate having to put out the effort to avoid the posts I don’t want to read.  Because no matter how talented you are (and do I have to say again that y’all are talented?) my time is pretty limited right now and I don’t have any interest at all in most of the things you’re paid to write about.

Which makes this way of making money a really bad fit, right?  Except that I don’t really have to be interested, I suppose, just competent?  Ad copy doesn’t require passion, does it?  I know I can write competently about things that don’t stir my blood the way that say, a good political infight or some new dumbshit health news does.

And just feels wrong.  Because I don’t like reading it.  And I don’t know where I got the idea that I need to like what I’m writing, but it’s pretty damned ingrained.


Thoughts?  Besides that you think I’m a poop for having/holding/never mentioning that I’m not a fan.  That I’ll just assume.  Anything else, though? 

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Jay: LinkedIn

Does anyone out there find LinkedIn to be useful?  In what ways?

I signed up quite a long while back, as I recall when Jason Carrozza invited me.  He had worked for the big client briefly.  We hit it off but he didn’t fit there, so he struck out on his own.  If he were in the right specialty, I would probably hire him for whatever business legal needs I might encounter.

Anyway, I signed up just enough to humor being added to his links, then pretty much forgot it until Rob Sama, who happens to know my real name, issue me an invitation.  Then I received another one, from a former colleague named Joe Colantonio, who had as far as I knew disappeared off the planet.  And another, come to think of it, whose invitation went past, ignored, but softened me up.

I updated my profile a bit, but didn’t got too far in providing details and contact info.

Today I got an update e-mail from LinkedIn, which is actually polite in its infrequency of e-mails, so I ended up there again, seeing who some of the people were and noting it’s time for an update again.  I also noticed people with essentially their entire resumes posted.

This made me wonder whether I should use it aggressively.  I tend to look with disdain on the whole “social networking” craze, but it strikes me that perhaos this is more mature, if that’s the right word, than some.  And useful, perhaps.

I’m in a position of needing to establish multiple income streams, and rapidly, even if not all are that lucrative or long-lasting.  I’m starting the new business, which is great, but requires supplementing even if it flies, and could wind up itself only a side stream.  I’m not a “get out and sell, sell, sell” social person, for the most part.  I say for the most part because I have a weird but underutilized charisma that can come into play, if only once I have been accidentally thrust into the right situation to unmute it.

Has anyone found it genuinely useful?  Or is it something you join because it’s expected, or people you know invited you so you played alon?

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Jay: Dan and Sadie

My sister and nephew stopped in, using this as a destination for taking him on driving practice, and of course to see the baby, who seems to find Lynn a soothing sleep surface.

We decided to try getting a picture of Dan and Sadie together, to show off how she is his mini me.  I’m not sure these even do it justice.  Of course, he was always considered more or less my mini me, so that fits.  But it’s more; it’s the personalities.  She’s like a 16 years younger, female Dan.  Right dow to odd things like how much she loved lemonade when she tried it; his favorite drink.

In the first one she turned her head, but we still got a great picture.  The second one came out very dark, so it’s been artificially brightened.

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Jay: Eighteen Months

I took Valerie for her eighteen month checkup this morning.  She just loved riding in the truck, facing forward.

She grew massively in the last three months.  Her current height extrapolates to winding up near six feet tall full grown.  She’s no longer 10th percentil for weight, though she remains “skinny.” She was 19 lbs 7 oz three months ago.  Today she was close to three pounds heavier.

Sadly, we had an extended wait in the exam room, as there were two walk-in emergencies.  As I told the doctor, sometimes that’s going to be us, so I don’t mind.  Valerie was pretty good, and I managed to keep her entertained.  When he finally came in, we were drumming on the rolling stool, like a single giant bongo.

She hates laying down, so most of it was with her being held by me.  Her eyes track exceptionally, no surprise.

We both wore purple tie dye shirts, so people thought it was cute that we matched.

No shots.  She goes back February 29th.  Sadie’s three year will be October 15, and we moved my October 5 checkup to be together with Sadie.  It’s convenient when they can do that if they’re close anyway.

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Jay: No Birthdays

Unless you count that my grandfather, William Arthur Irving Sr, would have been 101 today had he stuck around for an extra 11 years and a fraction.

This morning Valerie gets to go to the doctor with me for her 18 month checkup, then on errands.  She ought to enjoy feeling special by going singly with me, even if the doctor part isn’t so great.  At least she minds it less than Sadie.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jay: Happiness Is…

Writing a pile of checks for $3312 in bills.  Poof… gone!  Not counting a few hundred more for the old business. and stuff I’d already paid ahead or that has already been recorded as electronic transfers.

This made me tally up again what it is for a single month of regular stuff.  It comes to $3243 to pay the bills, not counting prescriptions, co-pays, car insurance, gas and other car costs, taxes, web hosting and domains, food and sundries, clothing, dentistry, etc.

No wonder I sometimes despair, wondering how in the world people manage, when the price of just getting by is so steep.

On the other hand, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to generate $2000 a week from multiple income streams.  In theory.  It only feels insurmountable.

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Deb: I’d tell you about it, but really? Even for me, there is such a thing as TMI.

And that sort of thing is pretty much all the material I have right now, so forgive my silence.  If you knew what I wasn’t telling, you’d love me for it. 

Weather’s pretty nice for the moment, anyway.

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Jay: Still Poor

I provoked Mega Millions into being a particularly strange sequence of numbers, by saying that it theoretically could be, but wasn’t normally.  Of course, my example was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, but still.  If I can invoke Rachel Lucas into returning to blogging, and invoke the girl next door, known to us as Baton Girl, into returning to playing loud music and practicing baton and doing dance choreography in the yard, I can ruin the lotter number sequence.

Incidentally, I just noticed that still poor is a spoonerism for pill store.  Perhaps watching Rocky and Bullwinkle yesterday inspired that realization.  When we saw one of the $1 cartoon DVDs at Wal-Mart with some episodes of that, I couldn’t get it into the cart fast enough.  Jay Ward was a genius.

At least we are slightly less poor.  We received a gift certificate for the baby from some awesome blog friends.  On the same day, I was going through things and discovered a card that had $5 for each of the girls, plus gift checks for me and Deb in it.  Doh!  I can’t believe that got lost in the shuffle for months.  Sadie is now up to $15.55 in her stash, and Valerie only had 25 cents, so now she has $7.25, including $2 I added gratuitously.  My goal is to keep track and make sure they actually get all their gift money - and know that much of it is gone when they’ve spent it, as keeping no track out is as bad as keeping no track as it accumulates - preferably as long from now and to spend, or save, as sensibly as possible.  In my family we were never taught about making or managing money as kids, with repercussions decades in the echoing.  “Poor” isn’t merely a state of available funds; it’s a state of mind, hard to escape once ingrained.

Oh well.  In my travels I’ll have to buy a ticket for the $325 million jackpot Friday.  This morning I need to return my grandmother’s car we borrowed to go to the appointments yesterday.  Next week Deb should be able to drive, and tomorrow I’ll take Valerie to her checkup.  She only just got turned forward before the van died again, and was a much happier rider.  She hated facing backward, especially on hills.  She should just love riding in the truck!  Sadie did.  There’s so much more visibility, and it’s so much like being a big person.  I also need to write some checks and mail stuff.  Ugh.

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